Unearthing the Hebrew ‘Dvar-Elohim…

Hebrew Studies

I hope this website helps you gain a more personal relationship with the Lord. I am on a quest to discover his nature, character etc.

I feel like there are some people who like me, who don’t go to church, or do yet are more interested in getting to know him. I feel as though what i receive only allows me to swim in shallow waters. I want to go deeper so I will  search using various sources of information to help me find the truth and ‘Unearth the Word of God’

I believe its possible to establish a strong relationship with our Father through home study of the Hebrew bible and lexicon. I know not everyone can read Hebrew but don’t despair as you can buy a Hebrew lexicon and dictionary which will explain all word meanings,as you cross reference the English translation. An online Hebrew lexicon can be found at:


An online Hebrew-English Bible can be found at the following address [change the book at the top left of the page and click the numbers above the Hebrew word for further explanation]:


A really important site for me which has helped me so so much is


Please view it, he also has some books for sell which can be downloaded here: http://www.ancient-hebrew.org/bookstore/e-books.html

They give an amazing view of the language, culture, and are helping my bible studies and so are allowing me to provide meaningful interpretations of certain verses. I am trying to go a bit deeper by linking things together to paint a picture of who Yahovah and Yahuwshua really are. For this reason, no post is ever really finished. I will either add to them, take away, edit what i’ve written, add links to provide a fuller meaning etc so please keep checking old posts.

Taking Time Out

We should all take time out for the Lord. There should be no such thing as we havent got enough time as there is nothing more important in our life than him. He created this Earth that we live in, including us. Time could be spent studying the bible, reading sites like this, quietly meditating, praying, trust me, you will notice a difference in your life, i promise.

The Truth

Though its important to discuss things with other believers, its important for you to be able to discern whether what they are saying is truthful. Also its importan to be strong enough to withstand it if they should tell you your view is wrong even if you are adamant otherwise. Stay firm to the truth.

Never would i intentionally misrepresent the Lords character and so i want to urge all readers to read the following verses.

1 John 4:1-4; 1 Thessalonians 5:21

The World

I want people to realise that we should not follow worldly customs. It is based on nothing. When we rest on the foundation, the rock of the almighty Yahowah, our creator, why would we want to follow the world?

The Website

The main headings under which i will be writing include:

Hebrew Bible Studies

I discuss topics in the Old and New Testament, including translations of certain verses and interpretations of others.

Hebrew Language and Culture

I do ‘Word of the Day’ to help shed light on certain English words which lose meaning through translation. I have included idioms which have Hebrew origin and  also I discuss Ancient Hebrew customs to aid us in understanding why they said, did certain things.

Science and Logic

Finally i use what i learnt from my Philosophy, Scientific degree course and general scientific knowledge to aid our understanding of the Lord, His word and His creation.


I hope that you come to worship the Lord, our Father, and connect with Him, read the bible and allow Him in your life to show you the way. Because nothing and no one in this world will be as good to you or me as the Lord.

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