Hebrew Word of the Day: Peace

Peace is defined as:

  1. the state prevailing during the absence of war
  2. harmonious relations; freedom from disputes
  3. the absence of mental stress or anxiety
  4. the general security of public places
  5. a treaty to cease hostilities

Hebrew Root Words

ShL – To draw out i.e. of an answer

LM – Staff of the might; The shepherd always carried his staff for guiding, leading and protecting the flock. The flock was bound to the shepherd, as the staff was a sign of his authority over the sheep. The yoke was a staff laid across the shoulders of two oxen. The oxen were then tied to the yokes at the neck, binding the two together for plowing or pulling a cart. A people bound together. A wound bound with bandages.

ShM – Breath; the breath is the life or character of the person. Hebrew names are words usually describing their character, reflecting their breath. The wind is the breath of the sky located high in the heavens. A wind blowing over the land pulls the moisture out of the ground drying it up, making a place of ruin or desert. One who is guilty is a desolate state.

ShH – Storm; the roar and devastation of a storm

LH – A great yoke i.e. weary; A young oxen unaccustomed to the weight and operation of the yoke becomes tired. It is to be weary from a non-productive effort i.e. to be  without results thus troubled by this

Hebrew Words



NB. Shalam is to be safe [in mind, body or estate]; figuratively means to be completed; friendly; make amends; finish; make good; recomense’; restore; reward. Shelem – A voluntary sacrifice in thanks; peace offering. Shalem – An early name for Jerusalem [Jer representing Jah [Yah], hence God of peace, where Bethlehem [House of bread] is located and where Yahuwshua was born.


To be tranquil; secure successful; happy; prosper.

NB. Shalvah means security, abundance.


Hebrews viewed shalom to be a restoration of health, vitality, lack of illness, prosperity; favour; friendship; safety; wholeness

Other words:

Shalat – To dominate [govern]; to permit, rule, have dominion over; power. Shelet – A shield. Shalliyt – A prince or warrior; Governor, mighty ruler

Shalal – Make self a prey; of purpose

Shem – Character,translated as name, but means ones essence e.g. ‘you’ll make a bad name for yourself’ i.e. you’ll get a bad reputation.

Lom – To gather; a community; nation, people

Lacham – To feed on; To battle; overcome; prevail; food [bread or grain for making it]. Lechem means bread, and is the word in Beyth Lechem [Bethlehem].

Shamayin – Heaven. Shmiyniy – Eight. Shmownah – Plump; full [a surplus above the perfect number seven]

Shamar – To protect; guard


There seems to be a connection between peace, Yashua [Jesus] being the Prince of Peace, promising to give peace to all who believe in him [implying that he has dominion over it]. Yashua told us to pray in his name, not simply attaching his name at the end, but to pray with the same character, essence, being of him, i.e. humility, honour, integrity, honesty etc. He is the ‘way and the light. ; he fulfilled the perfect law [made plump], he did not abolish it. Notice how he filled the torah, which can be likened to Yahovah filling to Earth and seeing that it was good.

The main thing to take is that peace requires us to be filled so e may be complete and restored to how Yahovah intended us to be. We are filled no y physical bread, but by spiritual bread which is Yahovahs word in the flesh i.e. Yahuwshua. His word sets us free from the adversary and his burdensome yoke to Yahuwshuas gentle yoke and we become not slaves nor servants to him, rather we become his friend and we will have eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven [life is  represented by the letter Chet, which is also the number eight signifying abundance].


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