Rational Logical Thought

Greek-Western Thought

They ask ‘why’; they believe history is linear, past, present, future. History doesnt not affetc the future unless evolutionary

Arcaeology ask ‘what happend and how did it happen.

Hebrews thought was analogic. They ask ‘which’. History is a series of Weather researchers do not use the past to determine the future like ‘greek thought’. They gather data looking at past events to help create models to predict future events. They do not look at the past weather and ask ‘why did it rain?’ to find the cause of rain in the future. They cannot stop the rain in the future, they have no control over it, so why ask this question? Sure we have found out why it rains, but in terms of life and living, its irrelevant to the cause in the future. Anyway, the point is, Hebrew analogic thought was in a way similar to this.

Ancient Hebrews view history is a series of repeating cycles. They search for accepted and established patterns and models, searches for commonly held shared  truthes between similar things. Relationships and connectons between things are key. So we ask ‘which’ models?’, ‘which patterns?’ are observed. No ‘whys’ just an ability to notice similarities aka the weather researcher example.

What is Faith?

There are no ‘why’s’ with faith. If you have faith that your best friend will do something for you, you do not ask yourself ‘why will she do this for me?’, ‘why wouldn’t she just betray me?’… No, rather we accept, we trust, we go along with what is said because we have FAITH.

So we need to stop using the scientific method [i’m very scientifically minded; but ive just realised i’m a person who always always looks for patterns, i think its divergent thinking. Hmm i guess i do ask ‘why?’ a lot which causes me to search for answers, but my answers involve searching for patterns. Its not necessarily a ‘why’ wanting a simple response, but wanting a response with detailed information to go with it; Like for example, ‘Why does everyone say God loves us? Does he really?; or ‘Why does God allow us to suffer?’. I guess recently i’ve been trying to find the answers by finding out about the diffrent root words, related root words etc, trying to form a picture of the true Yahweh to answer my question].

So yeah guys, its not about ‘the bottom line’, its not ‘why is it like that?’, ‘why did that happen?’ etc etc. The bible will not provide you with rational answers such as this. You will find answers in the principled patterns. I will try to make these patterns explicit. It should show you he harmony, beauty, and truth of YHWH. His word is the truth, and so it should all fit together with no contradictions. The harmonic and beautiful word is YHWH.


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