Equilibrium and Wisdom

Well Yahuvahs nature is definitely different from ours. Yahuvah is unchanging. He is an has always been a judge, loving, one who gets angry, a shepherd and so on. He is holy [set apart for a specific purpose], and his purpose is love, good and kindness. Mankind knows what is expected from the creator of ALL things . Is it too much for us to follow some rules? He will give  us a lot more than anyone ever could if we follow the rules [of course you should want to follow his will rather than do it out of obligation].

We can rely on the fact that Yahuvah is love and will forever and always remain love as long as you show the respect required, you will be on the right side of him. Perhaps we can view Yahuvah like we view equilibrium, remember Yahuvah isnt a person, but is ‘spirit’,  breath, wind. He has set the conditions for the universe and for us to live life. The universe follows Yahuvahs orders [universal laws] and look at how it functions, astronomy and nature are wonderful. Now all we as humans need to do is follow the guide and directions given to us.

The  Ancient Hebrew concept of balance that they had is interesting. They didnt see good and evil, they knew these are united as a balance. They viewed wisdom as the ability to separate e.g. good from bad, right from wrong, light from dark, clean from unclean etc. They only knew how to do this because these things were distinguished between by Yahuvah, and so the wise person was the one who could successfully separate them and not just that, but also remain on the ‘right’ side.

The crafty serpent was very wise and managed in his wisdom to separate evil from good and stayed on the wrong side. The Ancient Hebrews were aware of the adversary aka Satan and would participate in sacrificial offerings to apologise to Yahuvah for being foolish [opposite of wisdom, inability to separate thus may be likely to fall on either side in ignorance]

The good thing is if you change your behaviour to the preset conditions [as in the torah], his ‘equilibrium’ will shift to functional i.e, ‘good’, with the help of mercy and grace restoring the balance.

Law of Physics: For every action made by mankind there is an equal and opposite reaction by the universe

Note, what i am basically saying is Yahuvah is capable of both good and ‘bad’, but underlying his nature is love and a desire for good.

It is us who sin, who do wrong, yet we blame ‘God’. Why is there evil in the world? people say. We have the power ourselves to stop it. The enemy comes to steal all happiness that people have but to fight it we must have faith. Rather than blaming Yahuvah, we  need to start blaming our sinful nature and the enemy for evil.

Think about this:

No sinful nature plus Yahuvah is heaven, paradise. How it was in the garden of Eden

A sinful nature plus Yahuvah, is the situation we are in. Its not paradise, but it could be if mankind could just accept and follow Yahuvahs guidelines for life rather than thinking they can live without him.

No sinful nature and no Yahuvah means no guide and we don’t know right from wrong. There is no such thing as ‘without yahuvah’ as he is creator of all. Lets say we mean no Yahuvah interceding for us, people could do anything, those who feel the pain of e.g. losing a loved one to murder may not do that, but hat doesnt stop them committing adultery or consistently lying, sleeping with the same sex etc. There is no such thing as no sinful nature without Yahuvah because without his distinction of things, people will live anyhow . Having no Yahuvah to fight for the ‘relatively good’ means that hypothetically the evil would triumph seeing that if the evil are killing the ‘good’, and the ‘good’ are too righteous to fight back due to their loving natures, then surely they’ll fail to survive.  This is not possible though as there is and always has been a God fighting for the good. We are not good because its in us, we are because Yahuvah has allowed us to be. All morals etc are from him and is what has allowed good people to exist up to today. Through his judgement he makes us feel guilt, shame and we  realise the error of our ways. It is because he loves us and knows without him we can do nothing, we are nothing, and he is urging us to wake up, even if he has to make us feel downcast.

Yahuwshua told us bout the prodigal son i.e. those who are  without Yahuvah.

Luke 15

17. many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!

Some people think we are stupid to follow Yahuvah. They think we are wasting our lives following something we have no proof for little realising that the reason they arperising morally, emotionally/mentally is because they think they an go through live alone.  People want instant gratification. They want to do they’re own thing and be what they call ‘free’. The dont realise that what they call freedom is actually bondage for we are nothing without him. True freedom comes from  peace, integrity, love, humility and so on, all found in our faith but those with no faith do not see this except when they consider  how empty they’re life is, like something is missing but they dont know what, or they simply refuse to listen to the truth.

When Yahuwshua came, he made it very simple that we must love our neighbours as we do ourselves. Love can conquer all, though it sounds cliche its true. There would e no killing, hurt, heartache etc. We wouldnt make anyone feel inadequate and many other positives. We take it for granted how simple this message is but think about it, who before him thought of such a message? Why have mankind found it so hard to live in peace yet Yahuwshua can come along and in just 3 years from a bible history of over 1000 years make it so easy for people to follow up to this date and have such an impact? This could only be from Yahuwah.

Love is not the only thing however, we must accept Yahuwshua into our hearts. We must pray for the Lord to open peoples eyes to himself.

Though we hear a lot about bad things people do on the news, in newspapers etc, my faith tells me that there are millions more people finding Yahuwshua to that one evil story that they like to publicise. I tend to think that there is so much evil in the world, but really i’m hoping and praying its just the enemy trying to brainwash us into believing there is no God of salvation. I guess if there was that much evil, there would be rioting in and between countries, prison break outs, intolerably high murder rates, suicides etc, but there aren’t. Yahuvah really is in control.


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