Equilibrium and Creation

Yahuvah is not flesh, not matter, but is more likened to energy, wind, spirit, or a breath [in the sense of him imparting his breath into Adam creating a living being with a soul].

So if we think of Yahuvah as energy, then we can find it easier to think of him as a balanced ‘system’, with function [tov = good] and dysfunctional [ra = calamity] at extreme ends.

What is Equilibrium?

In science, a reaction will usually start and then finish; or it will not start at all. But under special circumstances, rate balance occurs between two opposing forces. An equilibrium is reached and the forces are equal [function and dysfunction in balance – you can think of it like being joyful, being depressed and in the middle is ‘feeling ok’]. Compare it to an escalator going down, and a person is walking up at the same rate. Or consider putting an icecube in water at 0°C [melting point], the ice will melt at the same rate as the water freezes. Therefore something/someone may appear to be in one place [feeling ok; not walking; ice not melting], but hidden from our eyes are two dynamic, opposing forces that are in balance.

So basically, we could say that a person who is blessed isnt one who has no calamity in their life or around them, rather is one who does have it but this is balanced by the good in their life. Another example is, from a distance, it may seem like the person on the escalator is standing still, but really both are moving. Lastly we may expect the ice cube to melt but it doesnt because there are as many atoms of water melting as there are freezing.

In science, as long as the opposing forces are balanced, they will last literally forever. I just read this today and its really interesting. I mean we find it hard to imagine that something can last for eternity but clearly an equilibrium system can if it is not disturbed.

But… there are requirements. Its crucial that:

  • The system is a closed system [Get renewed strength from the Lord, and be fruitful]

If an open system, If an isolated system

  • Temperature, Pressure are kept constant [Keep your faith and assured belief]

These properties that are unseen, but are sensed must be maintained

  • No more reactant is added [do not allow the enemy to penetrate your mind, emotions etc]

Spiritually, we have all we need within us. There is nothing in this world that we will be given that we don’t already have. Anyone telling you thy can mae you happy, they will make your life better, improve you etc [if not based on Yahuvahs word] will be adding things you do not need. At the end of it all  you will still  feel empty and wonder why. Its because you are looking for something outside to affect the inside, when it is all within and will be replenished by Yahuvah.

  • No product can escape [do not lose the light and love that you hold]

Yahuvah is love and it is within us. It is replenished by Yahuvah only if we allow him in. If we are not careful [i.e. neglect the above] , the love we hold may dissipate . We may become resentful, jealous, angry and all sorts of things which lad us away from a blessed, peaceful existence.

  • Dynamic [life presents ever-changing circumstances]

Originally, before sin, we were complete in Yahuvahs presence but the addition of lies affected everything. Life will never be a bunch of roses. Yahuvah allows us to experience highs and lows. We will never constantly hold his love within us, we will become angry, the enemy will get to us, our faith will dwindle hence our dynamic nature. The whole system is incomplete and reversible [light, darkness]. We will be a completed product when we are with Yahuvah in full light in the Kingdom, but for some they will remain incomplete, left in complete darkness. In terms of life, we all know the struggle we have to stay in peace, joy and love so we must maintain all these things and drive ourselves towards the light.

Yahuvah Says He is Set Apart For A Specific Purpose

Set apart for a specific purpose is translated in the bible as holy. I had this idea that holy meant a very pure, clean, perfect saint/angel like amazing, awe inspiring spirit etc. But thats not what the Hebrews meant. A very similar word they use for holy can be used to refer to [or so i read] a male prostitute that worked in the ‘church’. He was set apart for a specific purpose also.

Yahuvah created the heavens and the Earth, and humans for personal relationship. He created us to love him and for him to love us. So love is the purpose [as clarified by Yahuwshua].

In the beginning, there was darkness [read my Genesis reinterpretation], furthermore Yahuvah ‘let there be light’. So we could infer that darkness existed before light existed; or that light was present before but was overcame by darkness only to re-emerge who knows.

Love and light are the stronger force and perhaps they completely overpowered darkness and misery [not being an equilibrium but being in complete light and happiness – as was the case in the garden of Eden]

Yahuvah knowing the destruction caused by darkness, evil etc hid the knowledge of it in the tree. He also hid the knowledge of good [if Adam and Chavvah knew what was good, then surely they would infer that its opposite is bad, hence in the garden, there was nothing like these things, just freedom.

Yahuvah allowed it to be revealed to mankind via the serpent. The serpent created lies [i.e. the ability to go against the truth, which is pretty crafty and you’d have to be pretty wise to manage that since good and evil weren’t known].

John 8:

44. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

An evil world was not Yahuvahs’ intention. Parents raising their child tell them what they can and cant do. This instinct is from God. But if you set rules for what you can do there must be an opposite for what you cant do. Opposites of Yahuvahs commands were hidden fro Adam and Chavvah, so would do as they were told like innocent children. We know there comes a time in a childs life when they think ‘what if i dont do …’, they go against their parents. I guess this is what Chavvah did, except she was led into this dark place by the serpent who thought of the sneaky idea.

Yahuvah had to send them to Earth, after all, how can something/someone that is absolutely pure love and kindness be in the presence of  such potential contaminating wickedness. Sure this may seem small, but obviously as we know, it leads to all sorts of evil tendencies. They had the potential to either continue in obeying him, or they could have gone against anything and everything he said. Compare it to a parent whose child is a nightmare, as loving as the parents are the child just rebels and is a terror.

Yahuvah has ever since used what was meant for bad for his good. Though we are not in his presence, he has been able to test us to see whether we are worthy of being in his presence. Its a lesson for us to learn in life that we really cannot do anything without him, like a long punishment before we are forgiven. Yahuwshua coming of course has brought us even closer to him, however we still need to show him that we do trust him and his guide. I believe that he knows our hearts and even if we fail now and again, he is still forgiving and knows that should we be in his presence, he can correct us and we will immediately get back on track, whereas there are others who prefer to go against him which i’m sure hurts him very much.

In the bible, there is constant talk of staying away from the undefiled because then even the purist person becomes defiled in their presence [like that saying of people ‘having a bad influence on you’].

In terms of equilibrium, Yahuvah has more power than the enemy but depending on whether people accept Yahuvah into their lives by becoming ‘last’, the darkness may very well take over [either stress, anger, depression, or just completely led astray into pride, jealousy, stingy behaviours etc]. Yahuvah will always help us in order  to restore light and happiness. For true pure happiness and joy, the person must accept the pure light into their hearts in order to defeat the darkness and misery of the world.  This is when the person is truly at peace. The darkness will not have disappeared as i mentioned earlier, but what has disappeared is the constant self battle against it, whereas now in peace, it is Yahuvah who fights the battles.


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