Translation of… Isaiah 42:4,6-7; Yeshuas Mission [part 3/4]

Isaiahs Prophecy Continued…

4  He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.

6  I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles;

7  To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

Verse 4:

Remember verse 3? – A fractured reed he won’t disintegrate and dimmed light from a wick he won’t extinguish assuredly he will bring forth divine law.

Kahah [fail] was used, translated as dimmed, and  Ratsats [discouraged] which literally means to crack, and figuratively to bruise was used in place of ‘fractured’. Now in verse 4, these two terms are referring not to a plant [i.e. mankind], but to the servant [i.e. Yeshua].

Suwm is translated as ‘set’, also ,means to put, appoint, bring, determine, impute, lay down, ordain. Related word showmer refers to a ‘keeper’ [from the main verb shamar which is to keep, guard, protect i.e. to hedge about – forming an enclosure surrounded by thorns to stop predators entering and young from leaving.

A torah is not law, we think of law as we have to do it, i.e. obey the law or go to prison. Rather torah refers to guidelines, directions for living a righteous life acceptable to Yehovah. By all means they don’t HAVE to be followed as we can see by the actions of people in the world. The symbolism underlying Torah is that of flowing like a stream [goes in a certain direction]. Being taught by a teacher is like them aiming/pointing a finger [flow] to the right direction. This is what the torah does. See the difference, law is like saying ‘do it or else’ with an objective of avoiding wrong and doing right, whereas the torah is willing to teach, demonstrate, show how with an objective of strengthening.

’Iyym refers to the word ‘isles’, and basically means a habitable spot; one which is desirable, an island. This noun comes from the verb avah which is to greatly desire, lust, long for. Also, the singular word iy can also mean woe, alas, has an idea od howling like a solitary wild creature on an island. So I guess there are two senses, one where there is longing for the torah, and another where there is lamentation and they not just desire it, they truly need it.

Yachal means to wait with the implication of patience, hope, trust, even possible pain in waiting.

Verse 6

Qara is to call [in a manner of accosting i.e. to stop someone insistently even aggressively in order to speak to them]

Righteousness is tsedeq meaning to be right [morally, legally],

Chazaq is  used to mean ‘hold your hand; however the meaning o the word is actually, to fasten upon, seize with strength, figuratively means courage. Chazeq/chozeq a related word means power, help, due to strength. Chezev means a sight, vision. Chazah means to gaze at through mental perception, contemplation, beholding, prophesying. Of course the Lord cannot literally ‘hold his hand’, so this must have a meaning of the Lord will provide him with prophesying visions, revelations to help his mission; his power and strength will give him courage.

The word yad translated as hand. An  open hand has a meaning of  power, means and direction i.e. accepting power from elsewhere.

Natsar [related to ratsar which was used before] means to guard, protect from danger, maintain,to conceal, hide, besiege i.e. surround has an idea of a watcher, a keeper with fidelity.

Verse 7

Paqach is to open [senses, especially the eyes], related word piqqeach means  to become clear sighted, intelligent, wise. Another word, peqach means opening from prison, figuratively is salvation from sin.

Ivver, Avar means blind [with the idea of film over the eyes].

My Reinterpretation

4. He [himself] will not dim and he [himself] will not fracture until he will lay down divine law in Earth [as a protective thorn bush to keep out enemies] and to his guidelines [whose teachings of wrong to right flow like water] islands [full] of desire [for righteousness] longingly wait [with patience and trust that he will deliver].

6. I YHWH insistently accosted [called/summoned] you in righteousness [and justice] and I will Fortify strength, power, and courage in your [open] hand and i will protect you [surround and conceal you from danger] and I will furnish you a covenant [pledge] for people to enlighten Gentiles.

7. To open eyes [by removing the covering film to reveal clear sight and intelligence] to cause the breaking out of those shut up [and] bound within a dungeon of prohibition and restriction those dwelling in darkness and misery [wickedness and death].

Verse 4 is further reinforced by the earlier prophecy of Isaiah in Isaiah 9:6.


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