Yahuvah Both Covers and Uncovers, We Can Only ‘Discover’

Only those that have eyes to see and ears to hear will uncover whats covered, although it was never truly covered in the first place, we were just merely blind to it.

Why do we deem Einstein, Newton, Galileo as genuises? Its not necessarily that they were the smartest men on Earth, rather its because they discovered things that were in front of us all that we were blind to. Their eyes were open and ours were closed..

Yehovah has never covered the truths of the universe. He didnt throw a blanket over the laws of thermodynamics only to whip it off for certain people to find. They were always there. Of course Yehovah has the power to blind us, to cause us not to see whats in front of us. It could have been discovered in Yeshuas time, but it was not its time back then.

In The Beginning

In the beginning, Adam and Chavvah were enjoying their lives in Yehovahs presence. They delightfully did as they were told, until that day they follows the instructions of the father of lies. Mankinds nature would be stained from then on, and the arrow of time was introduced.

After some generations, Yehovah found favour with Abraham and gave him [and his offspring –  Hebrew/Israeli generations]a covenant. People in those days had knowledge of him, they truly feared him, they obeyed him with delight, however, sins increased so much so that Yehovah [with later regret] flooded the Earth leaving only Noah and 7 others who he deemed righteous.

Of course our sin nature meant things soon turned back to the way they were. Yehovah sent Moses to lay down specific guidelines for mankind to follow. When theyre sin nature would get the better of them they would present a sacrificial offering to make peace with Yehovah. Time went on, peoples transgressions grew, they sinned more and more, they no longer sought him rather were for themselves. Yehovah sent many prophets, some listened some didnt. Finally Yehovah sent Yeshua to fulfil his guidelines and demonstrate how to live a righteous life. In Yeshuas death, Yehovah allowed mankind to be forgiven for their sin nature, perhaps Yehovah saw it was the only way to save us from ourselves as he had seen that we simply cannot rescue ourselves from our sins. Yehovah knew that men being men would ultimately kill Yeshua, he knows them better than they know themselves yet in his death, would many be delivered towards him.

Shortly after, mankind were up to their old tricks, or should i say the enemy was up to his old tricks hence all the religious wars, the formation of new ‘man-made’ doctrines etc, all trying to tear down the Kingdom of God, however thanks to Yeshua, many were seeing the light and were being rescued from the enemies grips, although the enemy was convincing more and more people to see the truth in his lies, but Yehovah i believe had another trick up his sleeve.

The Scientific Revolution

This occured around the 16th century. People say science dominated and religion dwindled. They say that people who were free to use their minds were better than those who were controlled by a God that doesnt exist. They saw it as an age of reason and knowledge which was so highly treasured, it was to replace religion and superstition. Although at the time people didnt see it, i believe that in the long term, Yehovah knew he would reveal himself to us as our knowledge increased. Of course the power of Yeshua was working in some peoples lives. Some left their faith for science, some held onto their false doctrines, others i’m sure could care less about any of it. Some have used science as a means to discuss God though, more and more people are actually. You know its sad, if science said yes there is a God, people would jump on it so fast [ok it is good, but i dont like how ‘what science says goes’, because on the same token, if science says there is no God, people would stop believing. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned  looking to the heart/soul ey. I dont believe there will ever be proof, as its important for people to see things for themselves with their own eyes, and they need to discover Yehovah without it being a ‘taught’ thing]

Mankind has drifter further away from Yehovah, he is trying to pull them back, but the enemy works against him to pull them away.

Scientific knowledge has increased so much and some truly believe it has completely replace him. They say who needs God when we have science. They believe they are the smartest beings in the universe, they want to be God in terms of seeing what they can create. There are no limits. Children are not allowed to sing songs about Jesus in school, adults are not allowed to wear a tiny little cross that bothers no one at work. Ok this is only the UK but i cant speak for other countries. We are becoming too tolerant and politically correct with people who believe in false prophets, who do not believe in the saving grace of Yeshua. Before you know it, all Christianity in the UK will be replaced with other religions, and atheists. Anyone who dares to speak up for Yehovah will be deemed crazy, mad, stupid and foolish because it doesnt take ‘everyones feelings’ into consideration.

I don’t believe Yehovah is one for ‘uniting’ people. Its not in a bad way though. I dont think hes a God of tolerance, hes one of mercy and grace. Sure if you repent he will probably forgive you, but doesnt mean all believers should just wipe all our iniquities under the rug. I’m not saying we should judge people, rather we should make sure our thoughts and actions keep our integrity. Just because i dont agree with something someone does, it doesnt mean i will ‘love’ them any less or show them less kindness, but to keep my integrity i’d wouldnt be able to lie to them and say what theyve done is fine. I couldnt tell them one half of Yehovahs character of forgiveness, mercy and grace, without giving the other half of what he requires from us. This is why churches have branched off into oblivion. Some are strict, some are soft, some just want high numbers, some want money and fame. I’d fine i hard to believe if there was one true church. I don’t like how its separated itself from the Torah either. This was the foundation of Yeshuas teaching so how can Christians ignore it?

Is Yehovahs Presence Right in Our Face?

I believe it is. Like i said, he likes to ‘cover’ things. From what i’ve read, its his way of allowing those that belong to him to recognise his signs and get closer to him, and those that do not belong to him will be blind to whats right in front of them. We always hear scientists forming their theories so that they can ‘prove’ that there is no God, to prove what us ‘fools’ think of as a miracle, as healing as divine intervention is merely a coincidence, placebo, a change in brain chemicals. They try to make people believe that evolution created a place in the brain that is trained to believe in religion and it can apparently be stimulated in some people. Oh please, the enemy will do anything to bring down Yehovahs Kingdom, we have been warned in the bible. The Hebrew word for holy as i’ve said before really means set apart. As Yehovahs people, we are holy, we are set apart… from the world, from the enemies lies, from the people trying to plant doubt in our minds when we know the truth in our hearts. But its important for me to say, its not their fault. We cannot blame them we must blame to source, the enemy who is against Yehovah and who is using us to get back at him. We must keep ourselves ‘set apart’, we must pray for them, and never let them feel like we just have a religion, a ‘faith/belief’ in God that they can put down as stupidity, a phase or to say things like ‘well if it works for you thats great’ – people faith in Yehovah is not like being a member of pyramid money scheme, its much more serious than that, its a ‘thing’ that we were ALL created to do, we can’t let people put it down. We must believe it with our hearts and importantly we must know why we believe it. Do you realise if we know why we can answer all their questions the perhaps they will see sense and the enemy can stop poisoning their mind.

I believe i do have eyes to see and so i am trying to ‘discover’ Yehovahs presence in science. I remember a comment on a forum where someone said something like… ‘using science to try to prove Gods existence is just ridiculous beyond belief’. Grr it makes me so mad that some people just dont get it, and honestly it makes me feel stupid like im doing something wrong, like i’m investing my time in nonsense. But to be fair, there are so called researchers out there researching things that have a lot less significance than this.

So, i will continue in trying to ‘discover’.


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