Why must existence prove its existence?

We want to know of a beginning, something that relates to our beginning, but we are insignificant in this expanding Universe of existence.

Existence exists, it didnt need to be created, it just ‘is’, this is YHWH –  ‘The Self eternal–existing one, in the present, future and past’

We talk of a big bang which created the Universe, we say our world will one day end, so are they saying that our Universe is not eternal? Are they saying that literally there was nothing in the beginning? How can we, as intelligent thinking beings that do exist say that there had to have been a beginning whereby there was literally no existence, no atoms, energy, matter but then suddenly it all came out of nowhere?

Is there such a thing as no-thing? As no-where?

How can there be a nowhere with no existence but then suddenly exists to create ‘somewhere’ which we call our Universe?

When you think in such terms its not so hard to imagine that eternity has always been as that. Where did the number pi come from? Why is it infinite? Surely if this can be infinite then it must have always existed, after all, how can infinity and etrnity be ‘created’? There is no beginning, just like a circle [ see post on cyclical time]

The Hebrew verb Hayah means ‘to exist, also translated as to become, to come to pass, was’. This all refers back to the ‘self existent one’ who has always been.

That reminds me, i remember in primary school, i was about 8years old, maybe younger. We were on the carpet and were doing tht thing where we pass around an object and have ‘speaking time’. I remember i asked, ‘if God created us, who created God?’. Its a logical thing to ask right, but now its easier to see that existence just is. We dont have to prove our existence to ourselves, we just ‘are’, and God just is, except he has always ‘been’. Through him, in a way, we have always been. We were chosen by our Abba to be in this world, he formed us in our mothers womb [Psalms]. Think of it this way, when a mother first conceives, she may have many things planned for her child, their name, possibly even their school, way back when, a parents profession determined their childs profession, however, the child ‘doesn’t exist’, where are they, they havent been formed yet, who even knows of them as they are not yet in the world, however, as parents, they know of their existence. This is what it is like with Yehovah. He knows your child, or child to be. You may not know them yet, but thats because he comes before us and is all knowing.  Furthermore as parents, during the first few years, you may have a feeling for the type ofperson your child is, other people will never know them like you do, its a similar concept, he knows your innermost thoughts to a much deeper level, he knows their character and whats best for them. He lays out a perfect path for them to walk. He can do this because he came before us, he is with us, he is also in the future, he is the epitome of existence.


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