Mankind, Instability and Teaching

Our Instability

People believe they are in a ‘stable state’, but unbeknowst to them there is another path that is the most stable state in existence. There are similar concepts in science which is where i got the inspiration for this post.

To use this as an analogy with humans we could say that in the garden of Eden, man were in the most stable state they could have possibly been in. They were in Yahowahs presence. Through disobedience however, they realised that there was ‘another way’ i.e. free will. Of course mans way will never be as good as that of Yahowahs. The discovery of free will meant that man could do potentially anything.

, if we allow him to dwell in our hearts he will carry us from 1 2 3. He has truly saved us, how else would we obtain the energy and strength required to drag us out of our comfort in the world to be near in our divine Abbas presence? We couldn't.”]

I Want to Be Filled

Imagine being surrounded by mountains and hills. You are finding it hard to breath because of the altitude. You get to a low point, and you find it a bit easier to breathe and you are grateful, you settle there. Someone else however may say to themselves, no i want to fill my lungs with oxygen to their capacity. They look around and decide to walk up a big hill taking the risk of collapsing due to little oxygen, but they have hope and faith that Yahowah will deliver them. They get to the top and begin their descent. Before they know it they are at the lowest most stable point, and they take in a huge gasp and their lungs become sated, they feel exhausted but at the same time feel undeniably at peace and free.

We could say that this is what it is like to find Yahowah. People believe they dont need him, they feel their way is best, most ‘stable’ , but there is a better place for our hearts and minds to dwell and those that truly know Yahowah can testify to this as their life is truly changed. How could a person who thinks they are in a secure place ever appreciate how much more secure and great Yahowahs abode is?

The truth is they cant, not unless we as Yahowahs set apart children represent this most stable place in truth. We must intimately get to know where we are so we can direct others who are lost using our faith. How can a person new to the abode direct a stranger? Further, how can one who is established in Yahowahs ‘low, stable abode’ act as a tour guide to new entrants, when they haven’t even explored it to its full extent? These people go around talking about how stressed they are how hard things are, how tired, how miserable etc, then maybe just once they’ll mention Yahowahs name. No wonder people aren’t falling over themselves to find out about Yahowah. Its probably because these people who feel they have found ‘EXISTENCE’ havent truly found ‘EXISTENCE’. If they had, they would smile everyday, whether there were obstacles, successes etc. People would be dumbfounded and would think to themselves, ‘wow whats the secret?’.

Only those who are intimately acquainted with Yahowahs word AND who walk by faith can successfully guide others. When i say walk by faith, i mean what i wrote in the last paragraph, there shouldn’t see misery, stress, ‘hard times’. Of course these things are going to happen in life but its how we react to them thats most important. If your trains late, read a book; if someone calls you a name, say to them ‘God bless you;, its these things that show our faith, our righteousness.

After all, one may claim to be fully acquainted with Yahowahs word because of what they have seen with their eyes. They have seen the miracles of God, they prayed for a car they got it, they prayed for happiness they got it,  they think they are of use and that they are helping. What they are really doing is telling the blind to ‘look here’, ‘look there’ – but they are blind, they are not helping! What will the blind do after a while? They will go their own way, whats the point in them wasting their time?

What Should We Do?

I believe us believers must search for the truth using our hearts. Isaiah 42:19 says

‘Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger that I sent? who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD’s servant?’.

Corruptio optimi est pessima – The best when it becomes corrupted becomes the worst. Yahovah, i have read, may have believed that the Jews were worse than the Gentiles, [he may thus see the so called Christians as being worse than the atheist]. Followers of Yahouwshua – people who hold him in their heart, pastors who teach his message, may all be blind and deaf such that if he were in front of them, or spoke to them they wouldnt even know it. How bad is that. They were better off not even believing in the first place than corrupting his word. People twist the word to make sense in light of their world view and then they go off to teach that. Its fine if people make mistakes in interpretations, but what isnt good is when they think they know what it means and then never recheck later. We should constantly meditate over the word, and we will get revelations on meanings and get closer to the truth. I work constantly to rectify my misunderstandings. Yahowshua himself said in Matthew. 13:

15For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

Do you view someone elses heart in the same esteem as your own? If you do not, then take what i’ve written into consideration and do further research, collate your own data and use your faith, your heart to decide whether or not any of it is truth. We cannot solely rely on others, sure we should converse with each other, i wouldnt have done this site otherwise, but in the end if your beliefs are wrong what will you say? That its not your fault because others told you and you accepted it?  I’m not saying that people cannot be trusted because they can, think of it like when a person [fully qualified or an unqualified] signs a document and you act as the second ‘signee’. If you accept and file it with no questioning you cannot go back and blame the first person that signed it since you signed it after them, we must take responsibility of our naivety at times.

You Are What You Eat

Like Paul says, there comes a time when we must stop being like children, stop being fed, stop consuming only milk and become an adult. We should not however just feed ourselves with our own hands,with adult food; we should search for the highest quality food, we should examine and research its ingredients to ensure they will not harm us. We should maintain our search to see if there is anything of a higher quality. We will know if what we’ve found is truly the best, because once you find it, you will know in your heart. But do not stop here though, build upon it daily and make it flourish.


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