Yahuwahs Perfect, Divine, Complete № 7

The word ‘Sheba’ is used in Hebrew for the number 7.

Related words include:

  • Shaba  – If we seven ourselves, we take an oath
  • Sabea – To be sated, abounding, satisfied
  • Saba – To have ones fill [of desires ], to be fulfilled
  • Shibbol – flowing stream; ear(of grain), head of grain;  growing

The ‘Sevens” in the Universe

[Just for Fun]

In Nature

  1. Yahuwah completed filling of the universe in 7 days [days of the week]
  2. There are seven distinct colours found in the visible spectrum from which we  perceive everything
  3. There are seven main types of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum
  4. There are seven distinct musical notes from which we perceive sounds in the musical scale
  5. It takes seven months for the Earth to orbit from the least to the maximum distance from the Sun [perihelion [winter] in January and aphelion [summer] in July].
  6. 70% of the worlds surface is water.
  7. Nitrogen [the essential ingredient for life/DNA] has an atomic number of 7
  8. Neutral ph is pH 7 [i.e. pure water at 77 °F]
  9. There were in 484 – about 425 BCE, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

In Language

  1. There are 7 deadly sins and 7 virtues  
  2. The ‘normal’ young adult can hold in their memory span on average 7 items

In Humans

  1. There are 7 bones in the neck
  2. 7 bones in the foot making up the heel, ankle and arch [the tarsal bones].

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