So what is oneness? Being one is being in balance. Prior to Yahuwshua, Yahuwah hadn’t provided salvation for mankind. This isnt to say that Yahuwah wasnt whole, united or complete as  he was, however, Yahuvahs mission not just completed Yahuwahs plan, it completed it abundantly.

His death was a sign of a new covenant [Tav, Owt – a sign to mark a new covenant with the purpose of joining mankind [Jews and Gentiles] with Yahuwah. The sign to mark this covenant was a cross representing the strong leader nailed to the cross [meaning obtained from the pictographs of the word ‘owt’ which means sign].

– Please look all this stuff up yourself to verify, you may believe me and think ‘wow’, you may be skeptical but in any case you really should check for yourselves because nothing is better than self discovery. I will continue my search as i always say, but please if this hasnt made you rethink your life and purpose then you may still be blind, please ask yourself serious questions about whether you want to continue how you are currently living, or whether you want to completely dedicate yourself to the infinite, powerful, all knowing, all seeing power of the Universe. The one that created all thats around you and the one that was here at the beginning, who is here now, and the one who knows how the ‘saga’ ends… [I say all that but trust me i’m probably less likely than you to completely ‘surrender’.

In the last post i mentioned the chatthat i.e. the sin offering. Remember the verse where Yahuwshua tells us to ask for forgiveness for our trepasses?

Matthew 6

9After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

10Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

11Give us this day our daily bread.

12And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

14For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

15But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses

  1. Burnt Offering – Olah
  2. Meal Offering – Minchah
  3. Peace Offering – Zevah
  4. Sin Offering –
  5. Trespass Offering – Asham

This is what he was referring to. Offering was prevalent with Jews in the old testament, even in Yahuwshuas time.

The Olah offering involved the sacrificial lamb and has been fulfilled for us, this is our salvation in that his blood atones for our sins. Yahuwshua however, did not carry our sins away [of course we are still sinners], rather his blood reconciled the sinners with Yahuwah. It was a method by which Jews would show ‘YHWH’ that it was in us to do ‘YHWHs’ will but of course fell short due to our nature, thus they would ask for atonement so Yahuwah would provide favour and mercy.

The minchah i.e. Grain Offering was done after the olah because after being atoned for their sins, they would want to become purified, deemed as ‘holy’ i.e. set apart. This was a gift to Yahuwah as a means of saying thanks to ‘YHWH’ for atoning their sins. The grain was usually semolina. Challah is Hebrew for a cake made from dough; grain was thought to transmit its holiness to the whole loaf [Romans 11:16]. Yahouwshua fulfilled this through his sinless life, being obedient to Yahowah and defeating the lower nature.

The Zevah was the peace offering. The basic idea was requesting for fellowship through eating food.

Another offering for your interest is a peace offering. This is just our offering of gratitude towards Yahuwah. A portion is given to the priests and the rest is eaten by the offerer and his family; thus, everyone gets a part of this offering. So is like saying thanks before meal. The Priest is Yahuwshua thus we offer thanks to him and he acts as as intermediary with us and Yahuwah [just read it now, i knew it, but i didnt know it know it]

The Chatthat as i mentioned was the sin offering. This is what actually represents Yahuwshuas death in that back then, certain offerings could be made within the tabernacle, the holy of holies. However, others had to be done outside the camp, away from the holy places. Note, the blood had already been removed and accepted by Yahuwah, now this represented the death of the sacrifice which was symbolised as having covered the sin from the sinner. Back then sin was just covered i.e. hidden. Now in Yahuwshuas death, his pure blood not only atoned for our sins [bringing us closer to Yahowah], it completely ‘washed them away’, now Yahuwah sees man in a different light though ‘YHWHs’ perfect son. We are pure, clean and have been reconciled with ‘YHWH’. It no longer matters what one does, they can always repent and be restored. Think of it like spilling milk in your friends house, the olah is asking for forgiveness on spilling it, the chatthat is wiping your friends memory clean as though it never happened.

Finally, a guilt [i.e. trepass or the asham] offering is used to atone for sins when we are not sure whether we have sinned but have feelings of guilt and unawareness of what we have actually done. This asham offering is talked of in these verses. Yahowah knows that mankind of course will always trespass. Although we dont have to offer any blood sacrifices, we must still admit are wrongdoings, this is why we should recite the Lords prayer so that Yahuwah is aware that we take what Yahuwshua did seriously and that we take ‘YHWHs’ will seriously.

Note, when Yahuwshua was on Earth, he described himself as living water. Even after his death wehen pierced, water came out with blood astonishing the soldier. Living water is talked of in the old testament. This living water has the ability to heal, purify, enlighten. It embodies Yahuwshua. Its so pure that even if  a bit flowed into the dead sea [due to its high salt content], the sea would be ‘healed’. It represents Yahushuas ability to ‘resurrect’ those who are practically dead in their sins and trespasses, and it brings them to ‘life’ to the light and truth. There are places however where salt is ‘laid down’ and the living water has no business there i.e. those people who literally are NOT going to see the light, and are too deceived.


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