Our Salvation

Our Salvation For Dummies [sorry i just HAD to]

  1. Yahovah ‘present, past and future’ knew [in antiquity] that he would have to enter ‘spacetime’ as man to not only secure his tent [Kingdom], but to ensure that mankind knew about it [the truth] .
  2. The parables spoken by Yahuwshua were to enlighten all ‘blind’ members of mankind, the hypocrites, the non-believers, the worshippers of false idols, everyone to be led by the holy ruach [spirit] towards the door of the tent i.e. Yahuwshua himself who will provide access to the Ab on the inside.
  3. The tent pole holds up the tent but the tent must first be secured with the addition of nails outside the tent to hold it up.
  4. Eons ago, Yahovah the Ab [Aleph, Beit] willed Yahuwshua the man to be the tool which would secure the tent from the ‘outside’. Nails pierced his skin firmly securing him to the foundation of the wooden cross [tav].
  5. Through his birth, he is the son of Yahovah [X chromosome is man, Y chromosome is Yahovah]
  6. Through his death, Yahuwshua the man overcame and defeated mans lower sin nature [by the grace ‘favour’ of the powerful Yahovah]. Yahuwshua was, is, will forever be the perfect man and his ruach dwells with Yahovah, but only by Yahovahs grace could he achieve what he did [Yahovahs encampment in mans body had a purpose to save mankind].
  7. Yahovah the shepherd offered him from his flock. as a sacrificial lamb with pure blood
  8. Mankind are a flock of sheep, Yahuwshua is a lamb i.e. the Son of man, so he is one of us and had all the temptations that we have yet he overcame them.
  9. In the Ancient Hebrew times, the high priest would act as a mediator to present the ‘sacrificial lamb’ to Yahovah in the ‘tabernacle’. Yahuwshua himself was the sacrifice and so acted as a high priest when he laid down his life. [The root word of tabernacle [Ohel – ALEPH, HEI, LAMED] has the idea of shining of Yahovahs favour, it is a dwelling i.e. a tent [same word, ohel] and can also mean to pitch a tent. So in other words, mankind may lay down their lifes [being worldly]  in their adamant belief in Yahuwshua. We will shine with the favour Yahovah as the holy ruach dwells within us.
  10. Its up to Yahovah whether or not he accepts the sacrifice or not which has been handed in the tabernacle by the priest.
  11. Of course Yahuwshua was acceptable, thus this signifies that mans sins have been atoned for. However when it comes to us, it is only by grace and mercy whether or not he accepts our ‘sacrifice’ of dedicating our life to him.

Note, the above is known in Judaism as the Chattat [Chet, Tet, Aleph,  Tav] i.e. the sin offering. It seems mankind [represented by Chet i.e. life] are separated from the  alephtav i.e. the alpha omega] by the enemy [tet – a snake] and in order to repair the relationship the chatthat is required.

Please read this post on Chata i.e. sin to get a more in depth meaning into the word.

Yahuwshua the man left the Kingdom to enter the ‘outside’. He was crucified and resurrected, and his spirit returned to the Kingdom which was fully announced to mankind so that they may enter also.

The shem [character, nature] of Yahuvah encamped in the tent [body] of Yahuwshua during his lifetime. Yahuwshua most assuredly was man, however, his nephesh which we all have [lower nature, worldly desires] was of course no match for the almighty power of Yahuvahs spirit. The only difference between him and us i believe is that Yahuvah used Yahuwshua for his purpose [the meaning of his name being – Yahuvah is Yasha[salvation]]. Yahuwshua has achieved this because only he was chosen to be begotten by Yahuvahs ruach qadosh [breath/spirit set apart for a specific purpose].

Elisha means God is Salvation [El – God i.e. think of El Shaddai; and Isha, which is actually in Hebrew Yud, Shin, Ayin hence Yashua [he saves]]. He is the great prophet who succeeded Elijah [“Yahu is God” – the great prophet of the reign of Ahab [means love]]. Please read 2 Kings 4.


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