Get Your Own House in Order

I was just thinking about a scenario whereby a Christian person tries to introduce God into peoples lives. I think that in order to be taken seriously, Christianity must in improve within itself. I’m not saying people shouldnt talk to atheists or those who are unsure, but i think it shouldtake a priority in figuing out what the truth really is. I mean all these denominations, dotrines, you have catholicism and the pope, priests doing disgusting things, we have crooked pastors, mainly talk on prosperity and less on iniquity. Its like a club and a businss, i’m not surprised people dont want to ‘join’, thats probably how they see it. They dont see the works of the holy spirit all they see is us.

The way i see it, there is a sort of tolerance for many things and people are just thinking that a good heart and faith is enough. There is a lot more to it than that and what i mean is that tese people should strive to attain a lifestyle which is not affeted by downfalls, misery etc, and that they maintain love in their hearts rather than stress, and feelings of being fed up. Whats the point in us talking about how stressed and fed up we are to our colleagues who dont believe and then expecting them to see that God is the way? Sure we all feel fed up at times, but its how we deal with it that shows our faith.

For example, i remember i was waiting in hospital waiting for a doctor on one day for over 5hrs [who didnt turn up], and another day for medication for over 3hours [even though they gave me a time to arrive]. When i was waiting for the doctor, whenever i’d go up and ask if he was coming they’d say no sorry etc, but i remember i didnt complain once or even have a ‘frown’ face, i just said thanks and carried on waiting [i was reading a Joyce Meyer book at the time so that helped to relieve the boredom]. Anyway, when they told me in the end that he had gone home i was still friendly with them. Ok ill stop there, the point is it shows other people what kin of person i am and i’m sure it helped them because they couldnt help the delay and probably felt bad but my tolerance must have put them at ease. Furthermore, the fact that i didnt complain was probably quite ‘different’ since a lot would in that situation. At least if i were to talk to them about having faith i’d seem more credible than someone who was huffing and puffing about the wait. I dont know if that example helped my point but anyway,  I believe Christians should start helping other Christians because through that, any non-believers would die to have the peace and serenity that we had and we wouldnt even have to ‘recruit’ them, they’d come by their free will and unlike other religions we would fully embrace them. Though we should continue trying to inform them of God, we must improve ourselves and our fellow Christians to make Gods message worth listening to rather than being seen as garbage.


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