Hebrew Word of the Day: Burden, Debt, Redemption

To redeem is defined as:

  1. Exchange: to turn in one thing and receive something else
  2. To recover ownership of something by paying a sum
  3. Ransom: i.e. under threat: liberate by exchanging or recovering something  for money
  4. Save, rescue: To set free by force
  5. Atone: release from debt or blame; Restore the honor or worth of

Hebrew Words

They all have this root in common

MSh – Draw out i.e. to touch

Mashal [Mem, Shin, Lamed]

to rule, have dominion, reign over; to represent, liken, be like; to speak in a proverb/parable; “entreaty”

ShL – To draw out i.e. of an answer. The meaning for parables refers to a sense of superiority in mental action. Their understanding is ‘drawn out’ i.e. it takes longer to get it. The bible does this alot whereby one thing is likened to another [proverb, parable] e.g. ‘the Kingdom of heaven is like…]


A byword

A person or thing cited as a notorious and outstanding example or embodiment of something.

Mish’alah [Mem, Shin, Aleph, Lamed, Hei]

request, petition, desire

Mesheq [Mem, Shin, Qoph]

acquisition, possession, son of possession, heir

ShQ – Repeat a cycle i.e. a river which during the rain season, repeated each year, the riverbeds become full of water. The surrounding land is soaked with water allowing for the planting of crops. The leg of a river, or a man or street. An heir comes in cycles i.e. from father to, son, to his son etc


A loan [released after seven years]

Money owed is ‘drawn out’ over several years

Other very similar related words should be considered

The following all have the following root and hence this meaning:

NSh – Continual pressing i.e. a debt or loan causing pressure and or sickness. A deception brings one indebted to another.

Nasa’ [Nun, Shin, Aleph]

To lift, carry, take; to bear, support, sustain, endure; to take away, forgive

Nasha [Nun, Shin, Aleph]

to beguile, deceive

Nasha’ [Nun, Shin, Aleph]

to lend on interest or usury [extremely high interest rates], be a creditor

Nachash [Nun, Chet, Shin]

Serpent, snake; to practice divination, observe signs, learn by experience, diligently observe, practice fortunetelling, take as an omen.

NCh -To continue outside i.e. the shepherd would guide his flock to a place with water to drink and green grass for pasturing. Once they arrive they are free to rest after the long journey. So they are guided during their journey to  place of rest and may sigh prior to resting. ChSh – something that is bound. May mean that rest and freedom are bound.

Nsuw’ah [Nun, Shin, Vav, Aleph, Hei]

Something borne i.e. a load; carriage, wagon

As a vehicle for carrying burdens. Notice how its similar to YShWAy  [Yahuwshua] who takes the weight off our shoulders. See the post on faith and truth.

Nasiy’ [Nun, Shin, Yud, Aleph]

one lifted up, chief, prince, captain, leader; rising mist, vapour



Nashah [Nun, Shin, Hei]

to lend; to allow to forget;

Nasah [Nun, Samekh, Hei]

a trial, temptation

NS – Continue to grab hold, the tribal flag that is hung from a horizontal pole and lifted up high and seen from a distance. The act of lifting. Sense of grabbing hold of someone, compelling them to do something. If they lift up a burden/load and carry it, it proves they themselves deserve to be lifted up.

Finally, here are some more Hebrew Words

They all have this root in common

PD – Open the door i.e. redeem; to bring back to an original state


to ransom, redeem, rescue, deliver


In the beginning, we know that the serpent caused the introduction of the possibility to sin and mankind took it. From this point onwards we have been slaves to sin since man is weak and the serpent is more powerful and more able than us.  He knows more about Yahovahs creation than we do and thus is able to manipulate things and turn us against him and against each other and ourselves.

Yahuwshua himself called the enemy the Prince of this world, and he knew that he had dominion over mankind. Yahuwshua came to redeem us. His shem tells us all [name, character i.e. Yahuvah saves]. We were slaves to sin hence we were the property of the enemy but the Moshiach has paid our debt to Yahuvah [sin nature] through his perfect pure blood and as a priest has atoned for us and we are now acceptable to God. Prior to his death, the enemy was in control since it has been in our DNA from the very beginning  to not do as we are told and so even a new born child is a ‘sinner’ seeing that like breeds like; like father like son etc. This is why Yahuwshua talks of people doing the will off ‘their father the adversary’ since we are likened to him when we do not do Gods will [disobedience must have come from somewhere and this somewhere is him]. Yahuvah has drawn himself closer to us, and now we find it easier to draw ourselves towards him because even though we have it in us to sin, we will always be acceptable to him. What can the enemy do now? Absolutely nothing. He can continue to deceive us and make us turn the potential to sin into an actuality, but if we are fooled we can always turn and ask for forgiveness whereas before we would have been stuck with no saviour, deliverer and a debt to pay. There was no Kingdom prior to Christ. The enemy aka the accuser would give accusations to Yahuvah of how bad they were and so no one could ever be right with Yahuvah because all it took was one sin and they were bound. We always belonged to God but the enemy came and usurped us from him, but we have been returned to our rightful owner by Yahuwshua. He carries all our iniquities and sins and loves us dearly, more than we can comprehend.

It was a big price to pay to have to walk the Earth as a man and suffer so much abuse and turmoil then die horrifically, but he did it for us through his mercy and grace. He did it for free, there is no debt we must pay we are free. What he did is like jumping into an ocean to rescue people you saw go in and not return to surface. Its scary and nerve-wrecking but the love and care you have for these people give you no choice. To top it all off you know that sadly some will refuse your help and will kick you; others will accept your help and will survive; those that refuse will hold you down and you will perish [thankfully you will rise up and be given life again].

Yahuwshua said he didnt come to bring judgement rather he came to save. He said we cannot have two masters and if we are not with him we are against him. Its up to mankind to accept him as Prince of this world or whether they continue on with ‘former’  prince. Seeing all that he has done for us, no one can say they do not follow Yahuwshua, yet believe they are acceptable to Yahuvah because is it through him and only through him that we are acceptable. Without him we are just as we are before and who these days are willing to sacrifice animals yearly to atone for their transgressions? Most likely no one. Remember this was the debt to pay for sinning and to be made right with God.

Make sure you accept Yahuwshua as your Lord [ruler, leader] and Saviour [deliverer, rescuer].

Psalm 32

1,2 Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man whose sin the LORD does not count against him and in whose spirit is no deceit.”

See Ezekiel 17, Deuteronomy 15


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