Hebrew Word of the Day: Grace, Mercy

Grace is defined as:

  1. elegance and beauty of movement or expression;
  2. seemliness: a sense of propriety and consideration for others;
  3. a disposition to kindness and compassion;

Mercy is defined as:

  1. Clemency or leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice;
  2. The feeling that motivates compassion
  3. Something for which to be thankful;
  4. Alleviation of distress; showing great kindness toward the distressed;

Hebrew Words for Grace

ChN – Tent wall continues i.e. a camp. A nomads camp consisted of many family tents, which make up the clan camp. The camp can have a many as fifty tents or more in it. The tents are placed in a circular configuration forming one continuous wall surrounding the camp. Within the wall is the family clan, a place of freedom, compassion and beauty. An encampment of tents. The tent is supported by the poles. The beauty of the camp. To give/show beauty, grace mercy or favour to another.


To show beauty; to favour, bestow; to have pity upon

  • Chanan [Canan or Hanan] means “he is merciful”
  • Chanan’el means “God has favoured”

To bend or stoop in kindness to an inferior; When it refers to oneself it can also mean to beseech i.e. ask or request something earnestly i.e. seriously [the act of begging in other words]. The idea is that one will be merciful as a result



ChM – separate water i.e. cheese; made by placing milk in a bag made outof animal skin. Th bag was hung out in the sun annd pushed back and forth. The skin of the bag contained an enzyme that when heated and heat caused the milk to sour and the skin of the bag contained an enzyme that when heated and shaken caused the milk to sour and separate into two parts, fat [as curds, cheese] and water [as whey]. The whey could be drunk and the curds eaten or stored for future consumption.

ChL – A hole is drilled with a tool called a bow drill. The string of the bow is wrapped around the drill. By moving the bow back and forth, and firmly passing down, the drill spins around drilling the hole. The drilling takes patience as the process takes time. Rust – bores trough metal. Sick – a spinning of the insides. Joy – spinning around. Army – bores through the enemy by strongly pressing in.

ML – To reduce; in quality or quality. Sickness is reduction in health; to reduce by cutting off; yesterday and time before now is time cut off. It is to speak hence a continuation of segments which fill the whole i.e. a chain of words blended together to form sentences

To have compassion, to sympathise with. NB. Chinnam means freely, for nothing, without cause.

  • Chanamel means “God is gracious”

It is to work or do an action without wages or without cause.

Hebrew Words for Mercy

Chacad [Chet, Samekh, Dalet]

To bow [the neck only i.e. to an equal in courtesy]; to be kind

ChS – Wall for holding i.e. support. The fabric of the tent walls are supported by the ropes and poles,  just as one person who is weak is supported by [leans on and trusts] another who is strong. One is supported by his family line.

SD – Foundation; a level piece of ground is found for setting up the tent. The floor of permanent homes were sometimes covered with a limestone plaster for a smooth and level floor. The elders are the foundation for the community who make decrees. A witness brings an account to them and they meet on the floor of the tent for rulings.

ChD – Wall door i.e. unite. A wall separates the inside form the outside. Only through the door can one enter or exit unting the inside with the outside. A uniting together. A parable is a story which brings unity between the hearer and the listener, but the actual meaning is not understood causing a division between the two hence some may merely listen to it, and only a few may actually hear it

NB. Checed means kindness; piety; favour,


It is through mercy that we have been redeemed from the adversary back to the Lord. See the post on Yahowshua finishing his mission.

Unlike grace, mercy is shown to those who are ‘on our level’, whereas grace is shown to those ‘below us’.

Grace is for those who are perhaps ‘sick’ i.e. the oppressed, the afflicted. Yahowshua will show his grace to them restoring their health and well being. This is through pity and sympathy.

Mercy is for those who perhaps are well, but they find it difficult to do Yahovahs will. His mercy will ensure that he remains near, and still draws them to him. This is purely through kindness.


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