Interpretation of… Genesis 1

Please read the translation of Genesis 1 here.

One thing that can be confusing is the meaning of light. Although Yahovah created day and night, morning and evening in these verses, we must keep in mind that he created lights in the  sky in verse 14. So what was separating the day and night in the early beginning?

I believe Yahovah himself is ‘light’ but not as we know it. He is an illumination and an enlightened spirit who carries light where-ever she hovers [spirit is feminine]. He [i feel like calling God she now], anyway he was enlightenment and as told there was already darkness and obscurity in the Earth. Perhaps this was after the adversary has been sent down to Earth and Yahovah took control of it. He said he creates good things and creates mayhem.

Yahovah distinguished between enlightenment and obscurity and named them night [another meaning is to grow dark] and morning [another meaning is to inquire and seek].

Perhaps Earth was always going to home for mankind [after all he knows the end [achariyt – the outcome] from the beginning [mereshiyt], so he may have been preparing it so that his presence would be felt by man even though the Earth was in obscurity. Achar [the main word in Achariyt] is to wait, tarry, delay, hesistate, procrastinate. We are constantly told to wait upon the Lord as he will in the right time save us. Sure he could help us right now,, but that isnt best in his eyes. Everything happens for a reason.

Psalms 37:6, 11, 37; 139:8, 12

Isaiah 13

A Prophecy Against Babylon

10 The stars of heaven and their constellations will not show their light.
The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light.

In verse 5 i translated the word ‘called’ as to proclaim [arranging objects into order]. After all, i doubt Yahovah said it without things moving. Here it may mean the arrangement of objects in the sky i.e. the Sun, Moon, Stars. Just because we see them as emitting light doesnt mean that as soon as h put them there they would do so. Remember, light has a source but it had not been created yet [it is Gods enlightenment that is illuminating the Earth]. This prophecy tells us how the lights can be put out, like candles at Gods will.

There are various verses also about Yahovah putting out the light of evildoers. He talks about them withering as those they are grass that are not receiving vital light for life.

Its amazing how this was written before 4000BC hence over 6000 years ago. What other piece of writing has lasted as long and has so many readers…


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