Translation of… Genesis 1:1-5

Genesis 1

1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

2  Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters.

3  And God said: ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light.

4  And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.

5  And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening n

6 and there was morning, one day.


Verse 1: See post on creation.

Verse 2 in Hebrew reads

Vehaarets hayetah tohuw vabohuw

vechoshek al-peney tehowm

veruach elohiym merachaphet al-peney hammayim

NB. Ha mans ‘the’, nd Ve/Va means ‘and’

This appears to be drawing parallels between the Earth [Haarets] and the darkness over the abyss [tehowm] and the spirit/wind/breath of God [Ruach elohiym]

Arets means Earth, please read post on Creation for further explanation. Notice it says he created the heavens and the Earth, but this sentence is solely about the Earth and not the heavens. We know God created angels before mankind and they abide in heaven, thus this was solely about how the Earth was prior to the filling of man, the garden of Eden and being expelled from it.

Tohu means formless, confused, futile, chaotic, waste

Bohu means emptiness [Please read posts on Abel and Creation].

The root BH means an empty space that needs to be filled. Translated as a box [which is a void to fill].

The root HW found in both Tohuw and Bohuw represents one who looks at a great sight with their hands raised. It is a disaster and they may lt out a moaning sigh.

[For your information: If we combine the meanings of the root TH, BH along with TB which i, we will get the full meaning of the word Tebah which means ark i.e. Noahs ar. Furthermore this same word is what is used for what Moss was transported in the river in.]

So right now the translation is something like

– – and the Earth existed as chaotic disastrous formlessness, and as a void which needed to be filled.

Choshek means darkness, obscurity, conceal, dread

ChSh – something that is bound

ChK – the roof of the mouth, has a meaning of to tarry

Al-peney means ‘upon the face of’; [Panah means appearance as something approaches i.e. turn back, toward the inside];

Tehowm shares a meaning with Tohu, but more specifically refers to an abyss, a frightening chaotic place of rushing waters, confusion. It is a feminine noun.

HW – one who looks at a great sight with his hands raised letting out a moaning sigh from disaster and evil

This part reads something like

Dark obscurity upon the face of/within the roaring chaotic abyss of disastrous confusion

Ruach means wind, spirit, breath. It is a feminine noun. It is of Elohiym [supreme God]

RCh – To follow a prescribed path as wind does

Merachephet is from the feminine verb [since describing the feminine spirit] Rachaph which means to hover, flutter as the stirrings and shaking of a bird in a nest

ChPh – Wall opened. The tent is opened to allow one into its covering for protection; anyone entering a tent will be protected at all costs by the owner. A secret is something that is covered and hidden; a haven as a place covered over for protection. Innocence is one whose actions are covered.

RPh – A bird which flies over and broods as she covers her nest i.e. for protection of the contents

Hammayim means the waters [mayim means waters].

MY – Someone who is unknown. Back then they couldnt see past the horizon of the Mediterranean sea as it was unknown hence the meaning.

Verse 3,4,5 in Hebrew reads

3 Vayyomer Elohiym yehiy owr vayehiy owr

Yehiy is the imperative for Hayah [existence] so this means ‘Come into existence’

Owr is light but not the same light as daylight [that doesnt exist yet]. Rather it is an enlightenment, a bright illumination with extended meanings of happinsss and clarity.

4 Vayyar’ Elohiym et-ha’owr ki-tov vayyabddel Elohiym beyn ha’owr u’beyn hachoshek

Tov means pleasurable, agreeable as it functions well.

means to make distinct, to separate. Requires the initial process of distinguishing between two things which leads to them being distinct.

BD – Anyone or anything that is alone, apart or separated from the whole or from something else. This can be a branch separated from a tree. A lie or liar as what causes separation through careless words, lying or bragging

DL – The door on the rod. The tent door was hung down as a curtain, covering the entrance to the tent from a horizontal pole. The door was then moved to the side for going in and out of the tent. Can mean poor as the poor person hangs their head in poverty and hunger.

BL – A flowing of substance; to come to nothing when effort is given

Beyn is the act of discernment i.e. to actively separate. We discern, but only God distinguishes and discerns.

5 Vayyiqra’ Elohiym la’owr yom velachoshek qara’ laylah vayehiy ‘erev vayehiy boker yom echad.

Qara is to

QA – Vomit [perhaps in the sense of a bird vomiting up its food for its chicks]

QR – Gather the men, the meeting or bringing together of people or objects by arrangement accident or purchase.

Yom means day

YM – the Hebrews would see one day as being the period when the Sun appearing over the horizon of the sea [Yam] and setting when it became erev [evening]

Echad refers to the joining of two thing to make one in unity.

Verse 1 Translation:

In the beginning, the Supreme God filled the skies and the Earth. [The following is how…]

Verse 2 Translation:

and the Earth existed as

– – a formless chaotic disaster, and as a void which needed to be filled and

– –  dark obscurity upon/within the roaring abyss of chaos, disaster and confusion and

– – the wind of the supreme God broodingly hovered over the unknown waters.

Verse 3 Translation

– – And [whilst hovering] the supreme commanded ‘Exist enlightenment’, and ‘enlightenment existed

Verse 4 Translation

– – And the supreme God observed the enlightenment favourably

– – and the supreme God made a distinction and separation and put an interval between [figuratively speaking] the enlightenment and the obscurity

Verse 5 Translation

The supreme God proclaimed [causing the arrangement of the objects of sky] the enlightenment day and the he proclaimed the obscurity night [by arrangement of objects] and evening [to grow dark] came into existence and morning [to inquire/seek] existed, union of one day.

Please read the interpretation of Genesis 1 here.


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