Alephtav: ALEPH

Image: Ox Head

Meaning: Strong, Power, Leader

Explanation: Ox were used to perform work.   They would have a yke put over their shoulders [one experienced ox yoked to another less experienced ox]. They would then transport heavy loads e.g. a wagon, a plow. Within the clan, tribe or family the chief or father is seen as the elder who is yoked to the others as the leader and teacher.

Components: ALEPH – Aleph, Lamed Pei. The lamed here represents a shepherds staff as well as a yoke, which also signifies authority, guidance,  teaching, as one ox teaches another how to walk correctly, and  as a father guides and teaches his children the correct path of the Lord. Note Aleph, Lamed is ‘El’, as in Elohiym, Elshaddai, Elijah, Immanuel, Shemuel [Samuel] etc. The shepherds staff [lamed] is an ancient sign of authority, and the horns of an ox is the ancient sign of strength.

Number: One – the first number, there is only one God and he begins the Alephtav. He is the head just as the father is of his household.

Some Words Beginning with Aleph

Aleph – Father, Mother, Brother, Man, Woman, Desire, Destruction, Faith, True, One [joining of two things]


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