Alephtav: Dalet

Image: Door

Meaning: Move, Hang, Entrance

Explanation: It can mean “a back and forth movement” as one goes back and forth through the tent through the door. It can mean “dangle” as the tent door dangled down from a roof pole of the tent. It can also mean weak or poor as one who dangles the head down.

Components: It may be Dal and not dalet so D and L [lamed]. Yahuwshua said he was the door the way to the father thus must have used this letter.

NB. If going backwards in the Alephtav, we’d see that we humbly go through the door [dalet] we walk/gather [gimel] inside the house [beit] of the father [Aleph]

Number: 4

Some Words: Generation, Pierce, Judge, Fish

Course of Life, Freedom, Pearl of Knowledge,


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