Alephtav: Zayin

Image: Mattock (Hoe – A long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for weeding and breaking up soil)

Meaning: Food, Cut, Nourish

Explanation: The meanings of this letter are “harvest” or “crop” as this tool is used in the harvesting, “food” as from the harvest, “cut” from the function of the implement and “broad” from its shape.

Components: May be the word zan and not zayin so the letters ZN. Nun refers to a seed.

Number: 7. This is Gods special number of completeness. We can see the significance of this letter as it relates to what sustains us… food. Furthermore, Yahuwshua said he came to bring a sword. I believe this is what he was referring to [please read my post on ____]. This sword would allow us to be nourished not by food, but by the word of God and this food cannot be taken by anyone.


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