Hebrew Word of the Day: Love

Hebrews Word

Ahav [Aleph, Hei, Beit]

HB – Behold the house i.e. gift; one does not choose the household which one is born into, including the tribe, parents, children and wife [as marriages were often arranged by the father], it is a gift from God. These gifts are seen as a  privilege and are to be cherished and protected. The expressions and actions toward the family that one was privileged with

AH – A strong breath i.e. a sigh, as when looking at a great sight; can be a sigh as when searching  for a person, place, time, event, or thing e.g. an ox would let out a snort when they desired food; It can be a sigh in exclamation out of a desire [woe, alas]

AB – Strength of the house i.e. pole; provides strength, support and structure. Is pointed at one end so that it can be thrust into the ground and can double as a weapon against an enemy. The father of the family also provides strength, support and structure to the household. He fulfilled many functions, as was the commander of the family army, provider of offspring to continue the family line, the priest and teacher. A desire is what one stands in support of.

We do not choose our family, they are given to us as a gift from Yahovah, and we are privileged to have them. ‘Love’, in Ancient Hebrew had a meaning of providing for, and protecting, guarding watching over our privileged gifts i.e. our families, ourselves etc. It involved emotion but mainly action. When Yahowshua said to love God and our neighbors, it isnt simply feeling ‘love’, rather it is doing works to show our love and our faith hence giving to the poor, helping people out, giving to the church etc, this is what Yahovah calls love – NB i had a rant about tithing and swing seeds as they call it, well if you feel the need to have to ‘sow a thousand dollar seed’ in order to be given much more then you are not showing or doing it from love, you are doing it from selfishness. Love is a free gift and so should your tithe, don’t expect anything back, now if you do, then thats a bonus but it shouldnt be the goal.


compassion; belly.

RCh – Man outside i.e. path; the responsibilities of the nomad outside of the tent include the feeding, watering and caring for the livestock. Livestock are healthier and more productive when on a routine, therefore the man follows a routine or a ‘prescribed path’ each day when caring for them. A traveller follows a prescribed path to arrive at a specific destination. The ancient hand mill consisted of two round stones, called millstones: the top was turned on top of the other to grind the grain..This top stone always followed the same path on top of the other. The Hebrew nomads were very familiar with the wind patterns, as they would follow a prescribed path indicating the coming season. From this word comes the idea of breath, as it is the wind of men which follows a prescribed path of inhaling and exhaling, and the moon each night from horizon to horizon.

RM – Lift; anything that is high or lifted up

ChM – separate water i.e. cheese; made by placing milk in a bag made outof animal skin. Th bag was hung out in the sun annd pushed back and forth. The skin of the bag contained an enzyme that when heated and heat caused the milk to sour and the skin of the bag contained an enzyme that when heated and shaken caused the milk to sour and separate into two parts, fat [as curds, cheese] and water [as whey]. The whey could be drunk and the curds eaten or stored for future consumption.

The belly is the place of the womb and is the seat of compassion.

Leb [Lamed, Beit]

The heart [the ill and intellect]

LB – Authority inside i.e. heart; the consciousness of man is seen as coming from deep inside the chest. Thirst as an inside desire for water. The heart represents wisdom, understanding, the mind and intellect, also courageousness. NB. Labab is to be enclosed [as if with fat] implying to ‘unheart’ to stultify. Isaiah talks about this:

Isaiah 6:

10. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.

Here make the heart fat, thus means to fill their hearts with lets say rubbish, so as to replace their intellect, will, understanding with ‘nothing’.

To love Yahovah with all our heart [Deuteronomy 6:5] is to provide for and protect that which has been given to us using our minds i.e. requires a person to be wise, intelligent and in the world, but not of it, or to be wise as wolves but gentle as doves [Matthew].


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