IMPORTANT: Divine Patterns of the Lord

I remember listening to a few of the audios from the site

Its a good site so i highly recommend you to use it for your studies, but remember as i always say, be careful what you accept as truth, no one knows all except for God, if something seems wrong, research it further.

The audios i listened to talked of how the Hebrew mindset is not like ours whereby we think in a scientific methodical way and ask why. Back then there were no ‘whys’. If one was told to do something, they would do it, but only if it fitted in with their worldview and pattern of thinking. They didnt ask why some things were clean and why others were unclean, they just knew this as a pattern so would follow the laws

This is called analogic thinking. See this post on rational thought for further information. The reason i say this is an important post is because throughout the site, i want for you to try to notice patterns in things that i write e.g. one story may be an analogy of another. I will try to write a post to make them known though, just look under the ‘divine patterns’ category.

Analogic Thinking

Insight into many complex situations in our lives comes from analogy with situations that seem roughly comparable. There is a search for some prior experience that has at least some characteristics in common with the situation. A comparable experience is chosen and the aim to to find similar qualities with the current situation.

For example, if we find ourselves in a situation whereby we are unsure what we should do, we may look to the bible for help. We see a story in say the Old testament and realise that there is a lesson to be learnt and this is what we apply to our lives. Here we are comparing the two situations and acting according to the pattern that has been established. One well known ‘pattern’ is ‘you reap what you sow. So when it comes to e.g. giving money to the homeless person on the street, we may do it automatically, or we may have to think bout it. Those that think about it, if they are asked why, they may say ‘you reap what you sow’. This is a model to live by, and was established by Yahovah.

These days people are asking why this, why that, when everything we need is in the bible. There are questions we simply cannot answer, and we should never feel bad about this, it was Yahovahs plan to hide some things from us through his love for us. When we don’t know why, even the bible will not tell us, so should we be searching for an answer we will never find one. However, if we search with an open mind, we will notice patterns and models which led us to a better understanding and although our question may not have been answered, we will understand in our hearts through the pattern.

We could never understand why people get raped, murdered, tortured etc. These things make me feel so low an make me ‘crumble’, and although i couldnt give you an answer on why Yahovah ‘allows’ it to happen, all i know is he does love all of us, he wants us to come to him, he will trial us at certain times to strengthen us, he needs to know who will do his will with joy and who is out for themselves, he’s comforting, he wasnt his intention for man to ever die, feel all the negative things that we do, bad things come from darkness and Yahovah is perfect light, he feels emotions just like we do as when he regretted causing the flood, his feelings of anger when we dont do as he says, his feelings of protectiveness over us when we  go astray and rely on others who cannot help us. I guess deep down i’m bothered and upset about evil things and that makes me ask why ‘anything’, but i’m covering it with the knowledge that Yahovah is a good spirit and i’m hoping i can try and be content in such a fallen world. Its difficult being the type of person who cares more for others than themselves. There is nothing good that can happen to them when so much bad stuff is happening to everyone else. I guess all we can do is pray to Yahovah to help those who belong to him, as Yahuwshua said, if we pray for anything in his character, he will do it.

Circular Reasoning

Remember i wrote about how us Westerners view time linearly and Hebrews view it  circularly? Well, analogic thinking is circular in that the patterns are often repeated. Over the course of many centuries through which the bible has propagated, there is bound to be repetitions of certain things. Things do not progress in a straight line, rather it is circular. We’ll find that when trying to provide justifcations for certain things, we we be going around in circles saying the same things in different ways, not really ‘getting anywhere’ as a Westerner would think, but to an ancint Hebrew, all the different ways of processing the information is what provides even more justification. After all it strengthens the patterns that the Lord laid down for us. Heres an example…

‘Why did you give that homeless man money?’… ‘Because he needs it, he needs to eat’; ‘he’ll just spend it on beer’; ‘dont be so pessimistic, if everyone thought like you then he’d starve besides i’ve got money to spare. Furthermore, what if it were you in his position, i know if it were me i’d hope that there is someone like me who would help. You never know where life is taking us, one day we have it all, the next day we have nothing. When you have nothing, thats when you truly realise what you had, and realise how much we rely on other people to help us out. I just want to help him out’

If you notice there isnt exactly one reason, there is a bunch of reasons all supporting the cause to ‘help your neighbour’ involving feelings of empathy, compassion, love, kindness, generosity etc. You cannot separate these things linearly saying ‘what was the thought process that led you to give him the money’, because they are all intertwined and cannot be separated. The same goes with the word and character of God. You cannot only say ‘God is love’, because its like being forced to say either ‘i gave the man money because i’ve got money to spare [seems like shes indifferent] or ‘i gave the man money because id want someone to do the same for me if i were in that position’ [seems like it comes from a ‘selfish’ [if thats the right word] place] or ‘i gave the man money because i didnt want him to starve [seems like it comes from a loving, caring place]. As for Yahovah, yes he is good, but he is many other things too. So when people say, ‘i thought God was good, why does he allow evil to happen’, its very hard to give an answer because it requires knowledge of the bible and the patterns of Yahovah which will aid their understanding of exactly who he is, not a part of who he is. They require knowledge of the good and ‘bad’ things he did in the bible and why he did them, what people say of him in the bible, testimonies in person etc. Some people just arent prepared to seek this knowledge. There is only so much we can give them. But for those who are prepared ‘seek and you shall find’.

Its not for us Westerners to start coming up with reasons. If Yahovah wanted o give reasons he really would have right. He wouldve said do not eat this unclean animal because….. Do not do this/that because…., but he didnt. Even though there are patterns, thy cant be used as answers as i explained before, they are just different ways of saying the same thing. We must trust Yahovah when it comes to certain things and if we dont know,then rather than trying to give an answer to satisfy our minds, or others, we must simply say ‘only God knows’. Theres nothing wrong with not knowing, whats worse is thinking we know when we have no idea, or deliberately ‘pulling something ‘out of the bag’ so that we feel better and yet it is so far from the truth and ends up confusing you ‘who probably accepts it as truth’ and worse confuses others who are trying to find it. Where did Job get from his asking why? He wound himself up and that is what we do to ourselves when it comes to not trusting Yahovah. Like i was saying earlier about evil, another pattern to add to the above would be to put my trust in the Lord fully as he knows best and even though i cannot understand why these things happen, i must trust him and believe that everything happens for a reason even if i cannot see it. Again its not an answer, but it makes sense if your ears are open enough to hear it [a little bible speech there].


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