Reality of Duality

Please read the following intresting post wghich inspired me to write this:

Do you believe there are really opposites in the Universe?

The article talks about it being a delusion and says there is only oneness. I believe they my be right. I have suffered from delusions beffore and the ‘place i went to’ was different to this reality. The first time i felt pure fear at some moments as i didnt understand and the second time i was at complete peace and felt like everything made sense. I hate to say it but i felt ‘at one with the Universe’ [such a cliche]. This was actually the time when i truly found Yahovah and even requested a bible when i started getting a bit confused [i’d never read it before then and dont even know why i asked i just did it made sense at the time].

I believe we have a distorted perception of what reality really is due to societal rules and what not. This is kind of off topic but i was on the bus the other day and a guy out of no where stood uo and started taking about God on the bus. I used to think ‘oh here we go’, but that occasion i remember having read a passage where Yahuwshua said do not be ashamed of me, and i thought i should to him. What a brave thing to do, to know that people will judge you, mock you and what not, yet to still feel compelled to speak out and not care what people think, i think is amazing and they deserve more credit from us – i know i couldnt do it [not because of the message, i just hate public speaking, actually, i’m not a fan of speaking in general].

The bible talks about separation a lot and Yahovah separates due to giving certain things special status i.e. holy. True reality however is in unity it is only on Earth where things are separated and it is for our own good as man has some wicked ways and Yahovah needs to humble us by separating us from certain things. It is embedded within us that things are distinct but when we step back there is only oneness, a whole that is him as existence [his name]. The article says:

Two great truths- “To be in the world, but not of it” and “To love thy neighbor as thyself”-are the great way-showers to the mid-and higher heavens that we will address.

To be in the world, but not of it” means to live your life (work, play, study, grow) on Earth, to enjoy and experience the lessons and teachings that Earth (mind/matter/form) offer, but to constantly keep in one’s consciousness that all the experiences (famine, success, poverty, peace) are transient, that they exist only in the perception of the moment; but that you, the real “you”…your consciousness, soul, spirit…is eternal, and can, at any moment, “shift gears,” so to speak, and experience a myriad of realities/moments/nows. Your perceptions, experiences, are in alignment with your beliefs and actions on this plane. When you change your perceptions and beliefs from duality to all-inclusiveness, you will act in “oneness.” When you perceive and act in “oneness,” you are actually manifesting and moving in a higher frequency than the lower heavens (dimensions) around you. You are therefore able to move through more dimensions than the lower heavens, and consciously communicate with the mid-and higher heavens. You will be “In the world but not of it.”

I believe this is so true. I’ve noticed that as i focus on Yahovah it fills me with the need to be perfect as he is perfect. For as long as i focus on him, nothing else in this world seems to matter neither does what i want, i’m more focussed on what he wants and the guilt of displeasing him is making me wan t do his will even more.

When we focus on doing right, things inevitably go wrong perhaps because we are in the world when we o that. W say i wont o this, i won do that but they are separate things. When we bundle it together and say, i a only going t do the will of God, i am going to made it my aim to please him, its so much easier. Notice before there is focus on not doing bad things, now the focus is on doing something fulfilling and good.

Its all about our love for him, for ourselves and this same love we have must be shared with others in all that we do. This is the oneness where everything meets, i.e. to do Gods will with desire and true love for him brings everything together. When we try to love, it givs us the opportunity to hate, when we try to not sin it gives us the opportunity to sin, we end up stumbling with all these separate things.

Trusting in the Lord is about doing his will and believing its the best way. Its about our desire to please him and only him, its not about what we want/dont want to do, but about pleasing him. Sure there are things that he wants us to avoid, but in love, these things will just happen, theyll fall into place without us realising because love for his will is the main concern. It may not make sense now but when you get to that place all will be revealed.

Thus we need to start changing our worldview and seeing oneness, i.e. we are mankind not females, males, disabled, abled, black, white etc, we are ‘all’ the same [well those of Yahovahs flock i’m talking about]. Anyone reading this must have an interest in the Lord and so i say we are of the same flock and must remain united. We must recognise that there are people out there who are not set apart [holy] and will never be [as Yahuwshua said, he doesnt pray for the world but for those who are his]. They would have no interest in this whatsoever, they only care about their own pursuits and being what thy call ‘happy’.

So it is not ‘world peace’ that we want, the Earth is fallen and will never happen, but what we do want is peace within us and having that peace within us means we have a oneness with Yahovah and therefore with others as we are all from him but we are only connected to each other through Yahuwshua. NB if we did all think like this there would be world peace but there are many ‘tares’ amongst us wheat.

Yahuwshua is the hub of the wheel, we are the spokes. The spokes are separate, yet work in unison via the hub which the spokes are all joined to. The wheel being Yahovah is one and contains us all, similar to the branch, vine, root analogy. Imagine a spoke saying, no i want to do my own thing, well its nothing without the rest. That is whats happening when people try to be of the world. They think they get it and can be separate but Yahuwshua wants us connected to him and the father. This connection allows us to truly function as part of the whole.


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