Translation of… Numbers 6:24-27

Numbers 6:24-27

The LORD bless you and keep you: The LORD make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you: The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

This is a saying that tells a beautiful ‘story’ of what our Lord is about. Right now we have:

The lord bless you, make his face shine upon you, lift up his countenance upon you

The lord keep you, be gracious upon you, give you peace

But these are very compelling…

Hebrew Words

Verse 1 –  Barak is an action of bending down upon the knees to present a gift. Shamar refers to the action of guarding, watching, protecting in order to preserve/keep something/someone safe from harm.

Verse 2 has the words owr i.e. YHWH will enlighten [you with] ‘panav’ his face [his presence/”wholeness of being”] towards you. Enlightening is to bring about order just as he enlightened the abyss that was the Earth during creation. Chen means beauty, grace.

Verse 3 says Nasa’ i.e. he will carry, take, lift his face towards you [same word as in verse 2]. He will ‘suwm’ i.e. put, place, set you in ‘shalowm’ peace. Peace actually means restoration, vitality, health, joy thus completeness and soundness.


  1. May the Lord bend down to present you with a gift and watch over you as a guard, protecting you from harm
  2. His “wholeness of being” enlightens you bringing you order and he places you within his camp as his family
  3. He will lift his “wholeness of being” towards you and set you to be restored to completeness

Notice here that the free gift that the Lord is offering us is completeness, just as Yahuwshua cam to fulfil/complete the Torah. Through grace we are a part of the Lords family, we belong to him and he accepts us as him. The verses shows what he does for us, he presents us with a gift, he enlightens us, he allows us to camp in his presence, he watched over us, and ultimately he completes us. Many try to find whats missing in their life not realising that its all written down, it is him that completes us.


2 Responses to Translation of… Numbers 6:24-27

  1. This makes great sense!!

  2. Yvonne Hay says:

    That was awesome, very enlightening. I am blessed by this.

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