Hebrew Word of the Day: Sanctuary, Rest

Sanctuary is defined as:

  1. a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept
  2. refuge: a shelter from danger or hardship

Pasture is defined as:

  1. crop: let feed in a field or pasture or meadow
  2. a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock
  3. eatage: bulky food like grass or hay for browsing or grazing horses or cattle

Hebrew Words

Migrash [Mem, Gimel, Resh, Hei]


GR – Walking man i.e. traveller; one travelling through his non-native land is a stranger to the people and culture. Because of the unknown territory, bandits and wild animals, he is often in fear. The native is responsible for providing and protecting the stranger according to Ancient custom. The throat is the place where fear is felt. When a stranger meets another he lays prostrate in homage to the other. A pasture is a place for grazing livestock, usually on the outskirts of a village/city. Comes from the word garash meaning to drive out from a possession, especially to divorce, expatriate, thrust out, expel.


Wilderness; a sanctuary

DB – Door of the tent i.e. rest; the door of the tent was the place of relaxation for the father. Here he would watch his family, livestock and the road for approaching visitors [see Genesis 18:1]. A relaxing in a quiet place. A slow walk due to a sorrow or loss.

BR – House of heads i.e. grain; the plant family of grains such as wheat and barely have a cluster of seeds at the top of the stalk called ‘heads’. These grains were used for food for both man and livestock. Livestock are fattened on grain to prepare the for the slaughter The stalks of the grains were burned to make potash for making soap. What is clean with soap becomes white or bright. The fowl, fed on grain, becomes strong for the long flight. A ‘covenant’ involves the cutting of a fat animal prepared for slaughter.

DR – Movement of man i.e. circle; a man is born, comes to maturity, marries, gives birth to sons, repeating the cycle of life. A circling around as the flight of a bird or a dance. Each generation expands the size of the family. The repetitious rhythmic running of a horse.

The wilderness is a tract/region uncultivated and uninhabited by humans; a place of order, harmony and balance. Comes from the word dabar meaning word, speech as an ordering of letters to form words, and of words to form speech.



QD – Bow; the bowing down of the head. DSh – Back and forth pressing i.e. treading out of the grain for removing the hulls. QSh – Bring together and pressed i.e. straw; harvested straw is gathered into bundles and in the middle a cord is firmly pressed together, securing the bundle. The top and bottom naturally bend outwards.

It is a place set apart for special purpose, coming from the word qadash with the same meaning. It also means to make, pronounce clean [ceremonially, morally]; to sanctify, purify. Qodesh is a sacred place or thing.



KN – Opening of a seed i.e. root; when the seed opens the roots begins to form the base of the plant by going down into the soil. The plant rises out of the ground forming the stalk of the plant. A tall tree can only stand tall and firm because of the strong root system which supports it. A firm or sure position. A priest as one who stands form between God and the nation. Words or names that are given in support of another. ShN – Teeth of life i.e. teeth; the two front teeth are sharp and used for cutting foods by pressing down. Two as a repeating of the first or what was before.

A place of habitation or residence. Teeth grow out from the skull hence have a strong root system. From the word shakan meaning to lodge; to permanently stay, inhabit; rest.


The Jews were the ones who Yahovah set apart to be his people. In his mercy he felt for the Gentiles who had no God and no saviour, furthermore, the Jews were unwilling to associate with them and essentially thrust them out of their sight, when they should have been hospitable. The Jews were diverting from the correct path and prior to ‘initiating’ the Gentiles, Yahuwshua first tried to put the Jews back on the path of righteousness so they could be an example. Not all were convinced however.

The word began as Yahovah, and became Yahuwshua, hence he is one ‘in order, harmony’, he is rest, balance. He is the head and provides nourishment, like a cluster of seeds in the head of grain. The stalks however are burned, but the produce can be used to make soap i.e. a cleaning agent. Yahovah always makes good what was bad, dethroning the adversary can be likened this whereby he threw all evil sin natures into the fire, and ultimately ended up with something that could clean and brighten what is unclean. Yahuwshua wants us to rid ourselves of our iniquities and be made ‘clean’ i.e. pure so we may become righteous.

Yahuwshua is mankinds sacrifice. Only his pure blood can atone and completely wash away our sins making us right with Yahovah, and his living water purifies us. With him in permanently dwelling in our hearts we become holy as he is holy. We will be in his sanctuary, in peace and wholly complete and through doing Yahovahs will and concetrating on the word we will be strongly supported and we will ultimately enter the eternal sanctuary in the Kingdom.


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