Alephtav: Shin

Image: Two front teeth

Meaning: Sharp, Press, Eat, Two

Explanation: This letter has the meanings of teeth, sharp and press (from the function of the teeth when chewing). It also has the meaning of two, again, both or second from the two teeth.

Components: ShN – Nun

Number: 300

Some Words



Alephtav: Tav

Image: Crossed Sticks

Meaning: Mark, Sign, Monument

Explanation: Probably of two sticks crossed to mark a place

Components: TV – Vav

Number: 500

Some Words

Ark [of Noah, Moses], Sign,

Alephtav: Resh

Image: Head of a man

Meaning: First, Top, Beginning

Explanation: This letter has the meanings of head or man as well as chief, top, beginning or first.


Number: 200

Some Words

Evil, Enlarge,

Alephtav: Qoph

Image: Sun at the horizon

Meaning: Condense, Circle, Time

Explanation: The various meanings of this letter are sun, revolution, circle and horizon. This letter can also mean condense as the light gathers at the sun when it is at the horizon. It can also mean time as the revolution of the sun is used to calculate time.

Components: QP – Quph, Pei

Number: 100

Some Words


Alephtav: Tsadi

Image: Man on his side; trail or path,

Meaning: Wait, Chase, Snare, Hunt; trail, hunt or journey.

Explanation: The meaning of this letter is the side of something as well as hunting and chasing through the idea of laying down in ambush.

Components: TsD – [Tsad, Dalet]. The trail to the door

Number: 90

Some Words

Righteous, Hunt, game [as in the goal, destination of the hunt], wagon, burden, flock, wander, narrow, thirst, shadow

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