Burden of Proof

According to wikipedia:

Burden of proof is the obligation on a party in an epistemic [knowledge] dispute to provide sufficient warrant for their position [i.e. if a statement is made we usually want them to ‘prove it’]. In any such dispute, both parties will hold a burden of proof  [anyone who tries to deny the statement would need to prove that it is false].

However, their respective burdens of proof will often be unequal or asymmetrical. The burden of proof has been demonstrated to be a useful tool in public debate and scientific methodology.

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In the Garden if Eden, the serpent says to Chavvah

Firstly, Yahovah had said of the tree of knowledge of good and evil…

“for on the day you eat of it you shall surely die.”

The Serpent has the ability to speak and to reason, and is identified with wisdom whereby it says:

Genesis 3:1

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The Master of Reason

Yahouwshua was/is/will always be remembered for his reason. Yahovah the father was all ws with him for his lifetime, he gave him the most precious thing, truth and logic.

The enemy likes to appeal to emotion, the weak part of ourselves, our flesh, whereas Yahouwshua appeals to our higher reason, our intellect, our mind.

Appealing to emotions is one of the most dangerous things that a person can do,it leads to all sorts of dilemmas, negativities, confusion, fear etc. Even good natured people will sy ‘If you don’t do this then…..’, thats appealing to the emotion of fear. Of course there is a difference when logic and reasoning are used.

For example, a Christian may say:

‘You must follow good lifestyle like Christ or else you will go to hell’

They have given the listener two choices, either to follow Christ or to not follow Christ and face the consequences. This is not how Yahoushua worked. He talked, he explained, he gave examples, he showed the good, but also told of the bad, but it was done in such a way that people didnt fail to listen and be inspired. He didnt appeal to emotions, he would come outright and call people hypocrites, this was an attack on their minds, not on their emotions. The attacks made them rethink their lives, it didnt make them fear or think ‘oh no, i’m going to hell’

As followers of Christ we must ourselves equip ourselves with reason and logic. Why do we believe Yahovah created all that we see? Is the answer ‘because he did’? Is the answer, ‘i have a feeling in my heart’? Well these are well and good, but of we plan to show people that there is a God then we must do so in a way which renews their mind. At the end of it all, people will always want to have things settled in their minds, and if there is conflicting messages, they will usually go with the truth. But what exactly is the truth? Of course as Christians we know that Yahouwshua was the living God whose life was/is truth. We should be more like him, if someone tells us here is no God, we must give a mighty solid response to them whereby they have no choice by the end of the conversation, to start questioning themselves. This i true ‘faith’ [click here for the Hebrew meaning of faith]

So lets say an atheist comes to you and tells you ‘there is no God, you are stupid for believing in such a thing, will you use your brain, science is the way forward’… Would you …

  1. say, ‘Well thats your opinion, you have your beliefs and i have mine’
  2. say ‘Whatever, i dont really care what you think i honestly believe that you are the stupid one’
  3. say, ‘I have faith that there is a God’

I would not choose any of those. I feel that we must show people the light, we cant just say ‘oh, well at least i have the light’, its like looking out for number one, we should share the light, we are witnesses of it and should not just feel that Yahovah will show them. Yahouwshua gave us his words and we get it, or at least are trying to. Some really just don’t but i feel its our duty to ensure that they do.

I’m a science freak and there is nothing in science that makes me doubt my knowledge of the existence of Yahovah. Many people say ‘Oh science this, an scince that’, but do they actually know ANY scientific results/evidence of much? Have they gone through thouands of pages of scientific results and came to the conclusion that ‘science is the way forward’, or are they just looking around and thinking ‘look at how much society has progressed due to science, science is all we need’? Well did ‘science’ create atoms, electrons, DNA, bacteria, viruses, animals and humans? Did ‘science’ enable you to have a voice, to feel, think, reason, love, hate? Is science the REASON why the planets orbit the Sun, why there are billions and billions and trillions of stars in the sky and beyond to distances that our minds just could never fathom? So what if science is discovering these things, did the discovery of the moon orbiting the Earth and the Earth oribiting the Sun REALLY put ‘religion’ or belief in God in trouble? How foolish is that, think about it, religious MEN [i.e. fallible man] believed the Earth to be central in the Universe and that the Sun revolved around it. Then came along a man who believed otherwise and he was deemed a blasphemor. When evidence was provided, people thought it would cause the downfall of religion and in fact many scientific advances [the scientific evolution] did mean the end of ‘religion’ in political power, and a move to i guess what we see today. The point i’m trying to make is, science has not ‘replaced’ Yahovah. It hs merely shown his wonders and the power that he has to make things good. Look at all the wars that have occurred in the name of God. People thinking they are doing Gods work by killing those who do not believe what they believe. People being called blasphemers when an appointed man of Yahovah revealed to him the motions of the planets. This was suppression of Yahovahs truth by man who claimed to have faith. This is not a reflection of there being no God, merely how corrupted, confused and wrong men could be. The truth is Yahovah and not science will always be the way forward. Anyone who truly believes otherwise should ask themselves if something can be created from nothing. They say the Universe has existed for millions of years and came from a big explosion. But before that, was there literally nothing? There is no such thing as nothing, to be nothing someone would have to exist to say that ‘there is nothing’, but if there is a person saying ‘there is nothing’ then surely SOMETHING exists right? Last but not least, just to throw some science in the mix, many Quantum Physics researchers have shown that electrons can literally be in two places at the same time. They an exist as a particle [which has location], or as a wave [which doesnt have a specific location as such]. It is only by observation that an electron will have  location [imagine thinking that all toys have no life in them, only when you look they are lifeless, you look away and they are whizzing around having parties and what not – how could we ever know this was going on behind our backs]. They have basically concluded that  reality only exists when there is an observer to observe it. Furthermore, there is research that shows that atoms that are separate from each other and that never even had contact are in some way entangled i.e. they are ‘connected’. Search for quantum mysteries to learn more.

In conclusion, we all should follow Yahouwshuas example and use reason, seeing that there is no greater weapon against all the lies.

More Numbers, This Time, 12

Twelve is another signficant number and it denotes completeness also [SEE post on divine number 7]

  1. 12 repetitive notes [sharps/bass and natural] in music
  2. 12 basic colours in the colour wheel
  3. 12 months in a year
  4. 12 hours for a half a Read more of this post

Yahuwahs Perfect, Divine, Complete № 7

The word ‘Sheba’ is used in Hebrew for the number 7.

Related words include:

  • Shaba  – If we seven ourselves, we take an oath
  • Sabea – To be sated, abounding, satisfied
  • Saba – To have ones fill [of desires ], to be fulfilled
  • Shibbol – flowing stream; ear(of grain), head of grain;  growing

The ‘Sevens” in the Universe

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