List of Hebrew Roots: KA – TZ


KB – Bend the inside i.e. pain; A pain as a fire that causes the insides to bend. The stars appear as fires in the sky. Covering of the tent. The black goat hair fabric used for the roof of the tent allows some light through giving the appearance of stars overhead. When it rains the hair fibres swell thus sealing all the holes.

KD – Jar

KH – Dark

KCh – Tame the outside i.e. strength; through strong word, the land and animals are tamed to produce crops and livestock. An animal is tamed through chastisement

KL – Tame for the yoke i.e. complete; an animal or land that is tamed has been worked and is complete and ready for use. Taming include; construction of holding pens [stalls], putting the soil to the plow, harvesting of crops milk or meat. One eats once the harvest is complete. The ability to do work.

KM – Desire

KN – Opening of a seed i.e. root; when the seed opens the roots begins to form the base of the plant by going down into the soil. The plant rises out of the ground forming the stalk of the plant. A tall tree can only stand tall and firm because of the strong root system which supports it. A firm or sure position. A priest as one who stands form between God and the nation. Words or names that are given in support of another.

KS – The seat is like a cup that holds, conceals, a person. Idea of filling and concealing/covering something

KP – Palm open; the curved shape, hollowed out object. Pressing down on something with the palm. The being of the will of an animal.

KQ – Caterpillar

KR – Bent man i.e. leap; one bends down before leaping. Also for digging. A farm as a place where one digs the ground for growing crops. A bowl as a hollowed out object. The wall of a trench that is dug out

KT – Cover the covenant i.e. crush; the crushing of the olives produce olive oil, used as a covering for ceremonial purposes


LB – Authority inside i.e. heart; the consciousness of man is seen as coming from deep inside the chest. Thirst as an inside desire for water

LG – Study

LD – Child; the bearing of children

LH – Great yoke i.e. weary; A young oxen unaccustomed to the weight and operation of the yoke becomes tired. A work that comes to nothing. It is to be weary from a non-productive effort i.e. to be  without results thus troubled by this. An ornamentation placed on the neck as a yoke

LZ – Authority cut i.e. turn aside/away from truth

LCh – Tongue outside i.e. moist; when the lips are dry, the tongue licks the lips to moisten them. Anything that is moist or fresh. A common writing material is wet cay. The letters can be easily inscribed and the clay hardens to preserve the record.

LTh – Authority contained i.e. a veil covering to hide the face. The camouflaging capability of the lizard to hide.

LY – ?

LK – A staff in the palm; walk, a nomad travelled on foot with a staff in his hand to provide support in walking as well as a weapon to defend against predators or thieves. A messenger as one who walks for another.

LL – Night; When night comes, the night sky is rolled out like a scroll. When daylight comes, the night sky is rolled up a scroll.

LM – Staff of the might; The shepherd always carried his staff for guiding, leading and protecting the flock. The flock was bound to the shepherd, as the staff was a sign of his authority over the sheep. The yoke was a staff laid across the shoulders of two oxen. The oxen were then tied to the yokes at the neck, binding the two together for plowing or pulling a cart. A people bound together. A wound bound with bandages.

LN – Bound continually i.e. to remain in a place or position for a long duration

LAy – Tongue seen i.e. throat; when looking down the throat you see the tongue. A swallowing. The blurting out of words coming from the throat rather than the heart.

LP – Stick

LTs – Tongue of trouble i.e. mock

LSh – Knead


MA – It is an unknowable amount [look below at the definition of MH].

MG – Water carries i.e. dissolve; washing away by water. A fainting or melting

MD – Water at the door i.e. carpet; a carpet was stretched out, extended to cover the dirt floor of the tent. A bowl of water was located at the door so that one could wash his feet before stepping on the carpet. Just as the carpet is stretched out to cover the floor, the garments worn by the nomad is stretched out to cover the body. Also a string is stretched out for measuring.

MH – Water behold; The Mediterranean sea is a place of the unknown [cannot see what is beyond nor what is below]. It was feared by the Ancient Hebrew because of its size, the storms and fierceness. Anything that is unknown or a question to find the unknown [Who, what, where, when why, how]. A hundred as an unknowable amount.

MZ – A mighty harvest i.e. barn; A storage facility for the harvest. The stomach as a storage place for food.

MW – Related to the above meaning ‘what’.

MCh – Liquid inside i.e. marrow; It is the action of striking. The marrow is a buttery liquid inside the bones and is used as a choice food. To obtain the marrow, the bone must be struck to break it open.

MTh – Liquid contained i.e. branch; a green branch still contains water allowing the branch to be flexible The yoke is cut green then shaped to the desired shape and left to dry

MY – ‘Who’ i.e. someone unknown

MK – Might subdued i.e. low; it is bringing something/one low in submission, humility or wealth

ML – To reduce; in quality or quality. Sickness is reduction in health; to reduce by cutting off; yesterday and time before now is time cut off. It is to speak hence a continuation of segments which fill the whole i.e. a chain of words blended together to form sentences

MM – Great chaos i.e. nothing; anything that is considered useless or without value. A blemish that causes something to be valueless

MN – Blood continues i.e. kind; each species [kind] continues by passing its blood to the following generation which comes from the parent. A large group of the same kind are stronger than one. Refusal as a strength of the will. An assigning of a group together who are of the same kind. Those of the same kind look alike. Th right hand as the strong hand.

MS – Water grabs hold i.e. dissolve; the dissolving or melting away of something. Fainting is a dissolving of the inside. A spurning as dissolving away of another

MAh – Bowels; the gut is the seat o the unconscious mind where ones instincts lie. It is the ‘unknowing knowing’

MTs – Chaff; the seed thrown on the threshing floor, the oxen trample over the seeds, putting them under pressure forcing the seed out ogf the hull [chaff]. A sucking as a pressing with the lips.

MQ – Water expands i.e. dissipate; when water is poured out on the ground it dissipates. A mocking as a dissipating of another

MR – Water head i.e. bitter; The headwaters of a river are only a trickle and have stagnant pools causing the water to be bitter, it has very low flow when water flows to it hence its bitter.Something that is bitter of taste or attitude. Rebellion is one with a bitter attitude; the headwaters may also be a life giving source of water in the desert.

MSh – Draw out, touch

MT – Chaos mark i.e. death


NA – To plead for what is desired

NB – Seed inside i.e. germinate; a seed opens and the plant bores through the soil to the surface. The plant rises and produces fruit. A prophecy is a germinating of words that will bring about fruit.

NG – Bright

ND – Continue back and forth i.e. shake; a back and forth movement such as the shaking of the had or quivering of the lips. A removal or fleeing for a time such as during menstruation

NH – Mourning, wailing

NW – To dwell/abode in a place of beauty and comfort for  long time

NZ – To sprinkle

NCh -To continue outside i.e. the shepherd would guide his flock to a place with water to drink and green grass for pasturing. Once they arrive they are free to rest after the long journey. So they are guided during their journey to  place of rest and may sigh prior to resting

NTh – Seed in a basket i.e. settle; seeds from harvest were placed in baskets for storage. hen the basket is shaken the seeds spread out flat allowing for ore room for the seeds

NY – Wailing, mourning

NK – Continue the palm i.e. beat; a continued beating with the palm plays the drum

NL – Complete; It is to lead the flock at the end of a journey to pasture using the shepherds staff as a guide. Has an idea of the completion of a task, perfection; refers to when a shepherd leads the flock towards pasture using his staff as a guide.

NM – Drowsy; the state of unconsciousness that allows speech from the heart

NN – Son continues the family lineage and properties [kind]. The seed is the continuation of life from the parent plant and the cycle continues generation after generation

NS – Continue to grab hold, the tribal flag that is hung from a horizontal pole and lifted up high and seen from a distance. The act of lifting.

NAy – Rattle; a shaking

NP – Continual edge .e. region; the border encircling an area

NTs – Despise; a quarrel

NQ – Life dran in i.e. suckle; the innocent cry of a baby when hungry

NR – Seed beginning i.e. plough; Rains in the mountainous areas cause a flooding of the rivers. The rivers swell  causing the water to flood the land next to the river. This is the only water that the land will see and is necessary for crop production. After the flood season, the land is ploughed by the use of a plow attached to the yoke of the oxen. The surface of the soil is dry but, when the soil is turned up it glistens in the sun from the water remaining in the soil. This water is necessary for the seed to begin germination.

NSh – Continual pressing i.e. a debt or loan causing pressure and or sickness. A deception brings one indebted to another.


SB – Turning of the inside i.e. dizzy; one drunk from strong drink, turns from dizziness. Th old gray haired ones, easily becomes dizzy.

SG – Increase

SD – Foundation; a level piece of ground is found for setting up the tent. The floor of permanent homes were sometimes covered with a limestone plaster for a smooth and level floor. The elders are the foundation for the community who make decrees. A witness brings an account to them and they meet on the floor of the tent for rulings.

SH – Protector reveals i.e. veil; lifted to reveal the hidden face. The lifting of oneself in pride

SCh – Thorn wall i.e. pond; the edge of the pond is a wall of plants. The pond provides a quiet and serene place for mediation. A place for swimming and bathing. The floating on the water or one floating in meditation. One who sits by the pond to ponder as a plant sits by water. The growth around a pond

STh – Turn around i.e to turn aside

SK – Protective covering i.e. booth; the watcher over the crops, flock or herd, would construct a covering [booth] as a shelter from the elements. These coverings were often constructed on an elevated position and from materials readily available such as bushes, thorns and small trees. A wound was covered with olive oil as a medicine.


SM – Store; a storehouse where stores are put. To set anything in place

SN – Protective seed i.e. thorn; the thorn bush bush can be a blessing or a curse. The desert traveller often comes in contact with these thorns and brushing the leg against them causing pain. . The same thorns are used by the shepherd to build a wall [shield] made of these bushes to enclose his flock during the night which will help keep predators out e.g. wolves. Boots protected the legs from thorns. Hat is a thorn in the heart.

SS – Great turning; the twisting and turning of a bird in flight or a horse playing

SAy – Rush

SP – Protection of the mouth i.e. lips; the edge of the mouth. The lips gather the food into the mouth

SQ – Sack

SR – Turn the head i.e. direct; the yoke attached to the neck, is used by the drive to tun the head to the ox. A turning around. One ho rules turns the people to his direction. The turning the head of the chief or student into a articular direction. A fishhook that turns the head of the fish.

ST – Turn from the covenant i.e. provoke; to lead or provoke another in a different direction


AyB – Experience the tent i.e. dark cover; the tent is made of a covering of thick and heavy black or dark brown goat hair.

AyG – To bake i.e. a cake baked on hot stones

AyD – See the door i.e. a witness; as a coming to a tent a tent of meeting and entering in. An appointed place, time or event that is repeated. A testimony is a repeating of an account.

AyH – Ruin; to bring down in a heap by twisting

AyZ – Know a weapon i.e. bold; a refuge as a place for making a firm and fierce stand i.e. as a place of strength such as a mountain, fortress, rock. A goat stands firm in its strength

AyTh – Depress around i.e. stylus; when a bird of prey drops down on its prey, the talons grab hold of it and firmly presses around it causing the talons to be buried into the prey. A writing stylus is a small pointed stick that is pressed into the clay for inscribing. A tight wrapping around.

AyL – Experience the staff i.e. a staff/yoke is lifted over the shoulder and attached to the oxen or performing work. One taken into exile is placed in the yoke. It was commonplace t strip the clothes off those taken in exile.

AyM – experience the masses i.e. people; a group who ewith each other where the masses become as one

AyN – Continue the eye i.e. watch; the nomadic agriculturalist carefully watches over his livestock and crops by keeping a close eye on them as they are something of importance. The furrow formed between the eyes when intently looking or from depression. A cloud as a covering that provides shade. It was common to construct a shelter consisting of a roof on four posts, as a shelter from the glare of the sun. The eye reveals the heart of a person; a spring or fountain is the eye of the ground.

AyS – Watch and hold on i.e. tread; grapes are placed in a vat. A rope is suspended from above and is held onto by the grape readers for support. The making or doing of anything

AyP – Eyes open i.e. bird; a branch as the resting  place for the birds. A wing of a bird that gives flight [lifts] as well as covering itself and its chicks. Exhaustion from a long flight

AyTs – Tree; the uprightness and firmness of the tree. The spine makes man stand upright and firm,. The elders of the tribe were the upright and firm ones making decisions and giving advice

AyQ – Press

AyR – Watch a man i.e. naked; when the enemy is captured, he is stripped of his clothes to the skin and carefully watched

AySh – Moth

AyT – Time


PG – Unfit; unable to fulfil the role intended for. An unripe fig

PD – Open the door i.e. redeem; to bring back to an original state

PH – Mouth of breath; the mouth is a place of speaking and blowing. A mouth is the edge of anything such as the place of the beard, a region [when the Hebrews speak of the border of something the are referring to all that is within the borders] or sword. A place, thing or event that goes beyond the normal such as a miracle, sign wonder or beauty.

PZ – edge of the plow i.e. refine; the plough point was the only implement requiring a strong metal refined by fire because of its constant work in the soil and the grazing over rocks

PCh – Blow to separate i.e. spread; spreading out dust by blowing on it. The ruler of a spread out area

PK – Flask; stored materials like cosmetics. Overturned to pour out the contents

PL – Speak to authority i.e. intercede; when one comes before one of authority to intercede for himself or for another, he bows low out of respect. A great sight deserving respect.

PM – Fat

PN – Face; the part of the body that turns, a wheel or other turning object

PS – Wrist; the end of the extremities

PAy – Viper

PTs – Open the side i.e. smash; when something is struck with a maul its pieces scatter as its smashes; an opening by force

PQ – Stagger

PR – Open the head i.e. tread; the heads of grains are scattered on the threshing floor, a smooth hard and level surface.  An ox is lead around the floor crushing the heads, opening them to reveal the fruit inside. The wine press is a vat where the grapes are placed and tread on the open grapes to reveal the juices inside. At the conclusion of the treading, an abundance of fruit is acquired. [See GT]

PSh – Spread

PT – Open mark i.e. socket; the hinges of a door were made by a hole placed in the door jam. The door was made with rods which were set into the hole, allowing the door to swivel in the socket. A hole dug in the ground for capturing.


TsB – Side of the tent i.e. wall; the walls of the tent enclose what is inside. The tent walls stand firm and strong, protecting it from the harsh elements. As the family swells in size, the tent walls are enlarged. An army as a wall of protection.

TsG – Set; a placing in a specific location

TsD – Side movement; one lays down to sleep, hide or ambush

TsH – Hunt for revelation i.e. landmark; the desert nomads existence depended on water and pasture for the flocks and would migrate from one location to another. Landmark, such as rivers, mountain ranges, rock outcroppings, valleys, etc are the familiar and known markers by the nomad guides the migration. Like the nomad the ship follows the stars as landmarks to their destination. Through the journey along the road of life, there are certain requirements, directions and remembrances, which must be observed and followed to live a right and prosperous life. It was the responsibility of the father to teach the landmarks of the terrain as well as the landmarks of a right life.

TsCh – Trouble outside i.e. desert; a hot and dry place fro the glaring of the sun. A crying out from thirst

TsL – a place of shadow, hiding in the shadows. The shadow is shade (as a form of protection), but it is also a copy outline of the original form i.e. a representation.

TsM – Hunt for water i.e. thirst; a fasting from water or food

TsN – Thorn; the sharp piercing thorns that cause pain as well as protection. The thorn bushes were often used by the shepherd to build a corral for the flock sheep. They would deter any predators

TsAy – Laying known i.e. bed; the bed consisted of blankets spread out on the floor of the tent. A spreading out of something

TsP – Lay down the mouth i.e. whisper; the guards quietly whisper to each other to prevent detection

TsTs – Blossom; the function of the blossom is to produce the fruit of the tree

TsQ – Sides coming together i.e. funnel; used for pouring

TsT – Kindle


QA – Vomit [perhaps in the sense of a bird vomiting up its food for its chicks]

QB – Surround the inside i.e. jar; a container for storing. The stomach as a jar inside of man that stores food

QD – Bow; the bowing down of the head

QH – Cord; used to secure items together or for attaching to an object to make a sling

QCh – Take; merchandise as taken

QTh – Little; something that is little, or that is made little by cutting off

QL – Gathering to the staff i.e. shepherd; He travelled light [hence swiftly] carrying with him a long staff for directing sheep as well as for protecting them from predators. He also carried a bag which included some food supplies. The sheep knew the voice of theirshepherd. When it cam time to move he would call them and they would quickly gather to him. Also to make light of someone as in shame, curse or dishonour

QM – Raise; the rising, standing of anything

QN – Gathering for the seeds i.e. nest; the gathering of materials by parent for building a nest for the seeds [eggs]. The parent bird will guard over and protect the nest and eggs fro predators. Man can guard over the family, wife, and possessions in a positive way [protect from an enemy] or in a negative way [by not trusting or a desire to have anothers possessions]. The process of gathering branches for the nest; mans gathering or acquiring materials by taking or buying. The ancients measured wealth by the amount of ons possessions and measured distances using a branch with marks on it. The striking of a musical note as a bird sings in the nest. The bringing forth of chicks into the nest. The singing of the bird in the nest.

QS – Scales i.e. of a fish

QAy –  Gash; a mark by branding, incision, tattoo or dislocation

QP – Sun speaks i.e. seasons; as the sun travels through the sky it marks the times and seasons. Te condensing of the light at the sun when at the  horizons, a condensing of milk into curdles. A going round of the sun from one horizon to another.

QTs – Cut; making the end of something by cutting it off. An ending of sleep. Harvesting of the crops

QR – Gather the men, the meeting or bringing together of people or objects by arrangement accident or purchase.

QSh – Bring together and pressed i.e. straw; harvested straw is gathered into bundles and  a in the middle a cord is firmly pressed together, securing the bundle. The top and bottom naturally bend outwards. The snare is constructed of a bent branch and tied to the trap.


RB – Head of the family i.e. a judge; each tribe had judges who rule cases, trials, conflicts and contests. This person was the representative for the whole tribe, one abundant in authority and wisdom.

RD – Head hanging i.e. wander; a walking or treading where the head is hanging or looking down. The treaders in the wine press look at their step while trampling on the grapes. One aimlessly walking and looking at his feet. Whenever climbing or walking down a steep grade, one watches his step carefully.

RH – Man beholds i.e. see

RZ – ceder; the bark of the ceder is pulled off in thin thread like fibres. The strength of cedar wood

RCh – Man outside i.e. path; the responsibilities of the nomad outside of the tent include the feeding, watering and caring for the livestock. Livestock are healthier and more productive when on a routine, therefore the man follows a routine or a ‘prescribed path’ each day when caring for them. A traveller follows a prescribed path to arrive at a specific destination. The ancient hand mill consisted of two round stones, called millstones: the top was turned on top of the other to grind the grain..This top stone always followed the same path on top of the other. The Hebrew nomads were very familiar with the wind patterns, as they would follow a prescribed path indicating the coming season. From this word comes the idea of breath, as it is the wind of men which follows a prescribed path of inhaling and exhaling, and the moon each night from horizon to horizon. A smell that is carried by the wind and smelt whilst breathing.

RTh – Top of a container i.e. trough; the digging out of something for making a basin or trough. A trembling as a hollowing out of the insides

RK – Man covered i.e. loins; the area around the waist and upper thighs and is always covered. Future generations come out of the loins of the father. The thigh is the longest bone in the body

RM – Lift; anything that is high or lifted up

RN – Shout, any loud noise or instrument

RS – Top grabbed i.e. break down by pulling it down.

RAy – A man watched i.e. a companion. A shepherd closely watched over his flock, often they are his only companion.

RPh – A man open i.e. a wound; Plant material such as seeds, leaves, stalks, flowers, roots etc, were pulverised into a medicinal paste for applying to wounds or into a powder for internal ingestion. Also a bird which flies over and broods as she covers her nest i.e. for protection of the contents.

RTs – Potsherd; broken pieces of pottery were commonly used as writing tablets as they were inexpensive and durable. Runners carried messages from one to another on potsherds. Land is divided up into sections by tribe or nations.

RQ -Top draw together i.e. a bottle; the mouth of the bottle, usually made of animal skins, is drawn together with a cord. The liquid is poured out of the mouth. Spit is a liquid that comes out of the moth of a man. Also green, from the colour of spit.

RR – Saliva; also the white of an egg which is similar in consistency to saliva. A cursing by spitting on another.

RSh – Head of two i.e. chief; the chief [head of the tribe] is the authority of the tribe. He hears the requests of the tribe. the representative and ruler of the land that he governs and the one who divides up the land and possessions of the tribe. The head of a person, place, thing or time.


ShA – ?

ShB – Press to the tent i.e. to return; the return to the tent for rest. A sitting, a return or turning back to another land or place. A captive that is taken back to the land of the captors.

ShG – Double burden i.e. a mistake; when a work is found to be in error the work must be redone. A groan one makes when making a mistake.

ShD – Two that dangle i.e. teats; the goat and sheep have two teats dangling below the udder. The teats provide milk [life] and power to the kids. The ravines of a mountain where water rushed down providing life to the soil.

ShH – Storm; the roar and devastation of a storm

ShCh – Sharp walls i.e. a pit dug into the ground for the purpose of trapping someone or someting. Hunger whre the stomach is an empty pit.

ShTh – Repeat around i.e. lash; two object are lashed together by wrapping a cord around them. The lashing at r out of someone or something with a cord or branch. Despise as a lashing out. An oar lashes out at the water.

ShK – Two in the palm i.e. testes; the two parts in the palm [curved part] of the loins

ShL – To draw out i.e. of an answer

ShM – Breath; the breath is the life or character of the person [translated as spirit]. Hebrew names are words usually describing their character, reflecting their breath. The wind [spirit of God?] is the breath of the sky [heavens]. A wind blowing over the land pulls the moisture out of the ground drying it up, making a place of ruin or desert. One who is guilty is a desolate state.

ShN – Teeth of life i.e. teeth; the two front teeth are sharp and used for cutting foods by pressing down. Two as a repeating of the first or what was before.

ShS – Press and grab hold i.e. plunder; the pressing into anothers place and grabbing hold of his possessions.

ShAy  – Destroyer watches i.e. a shepherd who cares for and delights in his sheep. When the sheep are in the pasture, the shepherd carefully watched over the surrounding area always on the lookout for danger. When a predator comes to attack, the shepherd destroys the enemy. When the sheep are in trouble, they will cry out to the shepherd who will deliver them. The sheep graze in safety in the wide-open pasture. A wide-open and free place or state.

ShP – Sharp teeth in the mouth i.e. a serpent [venomous snake] with sharp fangs. A quiver as the pouch where the arrows [sharp teeth] are placed in the mouth. A drawing in by swallowing [as a snake swallows its prey] also, to draw in air or water.

ShQ – Repeat a cycle i.e. a river which during the rain season, repeated each year, the riverbeds become full of water. The surrounding land is soaked with water allowing for the planting of crops. The leg of a river, or a man or street.

ShR – Press the beginning i.e. rope. Cords and ropes were usually made of bark strips such as the cedar or from the sinew [tendon] of an animal. The rope is made by twisting two fibres together. The twisting causes fibres to lock and press onto each other making a stronger rope. It is then used to tightly secure or support something, e.g. a load to a cart or the poles of the tent. A cord pulled tight is straight. One who is happy is one whose life is lived straightly. A righteous one is one who is straight and firmly holds up the truth just as the cord is straight and firmly holds the wall of the tent upright. A stringed musical instrument uses thin cords for making music. Also represents a relative as one from the same umbilical cord of the family; the blood relatives remain within the tent. A traveller may have a wagon pulled by a bull where the load on the cart is secured with a cord.

ShSh – Teet i.e. whiteness. Also the white hair of the older men.

ShT – Buttock; the place of sitting, a foundation. A banquet as a time sitting together.


TB – Sign inside i.e. longing desire to follow after something

TD – Mark the door i.e. a peg; when the site of the tent is determined, the location of the door is determined by the father, possibly by using a tent peg as a maker for its location.

TH – Mark revealed i.e. a mark identifies locations is used to mark out a location. Two crossed sticks in the shape of cross were used to hang the family standard or flag.

TZ – Mark a cut i.e. to cut off

TCh – The under or lower pat of anything

TK – Mark of the palm i.e. bend; the lines or marks in the centre of the palm are formed by the bending of the palm. A bending in the middle, the centre of something. A sitting as a bending down

TSh – Goat; the butting of the heads of the goat. Kids head butt during play

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