Philosophy: The Earth is in Heavens Shadow

In Genesis is says we were created in Yahovahs image. But what is an image? Do we look like him?

Well we know he is spirit so we can’t. The Hebrew word for image is Tselem which means shadow. The word tsalal means to be or become or grow dark [it has a sense of hovering over. It also means to  sink, be submerged i.e. covered over by something like a shade.

Tsela [rib] is the word used for what woman was made out of [she comes from mans ‘shadow’ in a sense]. More specifically, it means any of the paired bony cartilaginous bones that stiffen the walls of the thorax and protect the organs beneath. Also means ‘side’; the favouring of one side


TsL – in a place of shadow, hiding in the shadows. The shadow is shade (as a form of protection), but it is also a copy outline of the original form i.e. a representation. Yahuwshua as a man was a shadow of Yahuwshua, and if we think he is amazing, how much more amazing is the real being of Yahovah?#

LL – When night comes, the night sky is rolled out like a scroll. When daylight comes, the night sky is rolled up a scroll.

The shadow of death [tsalmaveth] refers figuratively to distress, extreme danger. The person is not death, but is in deaths shadow. We are in the shadow of Read more of this post

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